Preserving the environment and nature using sustainable fashion

Preserving the environment and nature using sustainable fashion


Sustainable fashion, which has recently attracted a lot of attention from people and fashion fans, is a new style in clothing production that uses old fabrics and jeans to produce new clothes to protect the environment.

Sustainable fashion was formed for the first time in Europe and now it has covered the whole world and in the following we will talk with one of the famous producers of this style in Asia.

Aylar Behzadi is the first producer and founder of sustainable fashion in Asia who was able to launch his production line in Arab countries and the Middle East and is now one of the successful producers of this fashion style.

Dear Aylar , when did you decide to produce this style?

When I felt that the environment was in danger and nature lovers were worried, I decided to produce this style and succeeded in launching this style in Asia, which was noticed by everyone.

Fortunately, since 2016, when I started working on sustainable fashion and redesigning and recycling, since 2019, the world’s luxury brands have also done my work, and the people of Iran and designers have believed in me.  I left Iran and was invited to the world’s best shows and international interviews and judges of domestic and foreign festivals and Currently, I have created employment for hundreds of people by setting up a powerful production line in different countries.

in Iran, the fashion and clothing industry is a little weak compared to the conditions of our country, but as far as I could, I made a strange impact on this industry in Iran and I reached my goal, and I have a slogan for this goal of returning our green land more beautiful than what we got.


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