Read About The Latest MCCB & MCB From Legrand

Read About The Latest MCCB & MCB From Legrand

Devices for protecting circuits are essential. No matter where you are in the globe, it is crucial to prevent harm to both property and human life.

Faults, short circuits, and overcurrents are rather frequent events that are unavoidable due to the dynamism of the electrical supply system and its hundreds of interacting pieces, including conducting materials and cables and step-up to step-down transformers.

But as we know, “Prevention is better than cure.” Even though we cannot stop them, we can use circuit protection devices to ensure our pricey appliances and loved ones do not experience these hazardous, higher currents.

What Does Mccbs Do?

The MCCB is another name for the moulded case circuit breaker. It has a manually operated switch that interrupts the circuit and is used in high-current applications.

It is mostly employed in industrial applications that need breaking capacities that are both low and high. The electrical device under discussion protects the electric circuit from an excess or short circuit condition caused by an overly large current. It is manufactured as an electrical protection device.

A Miniature Circuit Breaker Has What Advantages?

  • Handle With A Seal

Sealing is a reliable and secure way for locking out MCBs in the ON and OFF positions. The user can lock the circuit breaker securely, perform secure maintenance, stop tampering, and manage the power supply.

  • Excellent Ingress Protection

The MCB is touch-safe. It has an IP20 rating, which can protect solid objects up to 12mm in diameter, including adult fingers.

  • Environmentally Responsible

You can recycle MCBs to reduce environmental contamination because the most recent generation of thermoplastics is halogen-free.

  • Very Little Power Loss

The voltage drop in the main terminals, typically measured at a device’s rated current, can be used to quantify power loss. MCB has, thankfully.

  • Trip-Free Device

Even if the operating lever is kept in the ON position, the MCB will trigger if a short circuit or overload occurs. Particularly when the handle is faulty or broken, such a feature serves as a protective function. Additionally, manual contact closure during fault or overcurrent conditions is impractical due to such safety features.

  • Extended Life Duration And Secure Operation

MCBs promise reliable performance over a long period. These circuit breakers have separate security for each pole. The trigger characteristics are reliable for their life and will shut off all the poles when a fault arises.

Additionally, when a fault occurs, the arc mechanism will swiftly put out the arc, minimising the fire risk and extending the equipment’s lifespan.

Now that you know the significance of a high-quality MCCB, ensure you only buy from the best. Look through the extensive collection of Mcbs at Legrand before making further decisions. 

It offers high-quality, thoroughly inspected electronic components to keep you and your loved ones secure and safe from untoward mishaps. Install the latest technology upgraded MCB & MCCBs from Legrand!

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