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Recruitment is a highly multi-faceted process that involves several steps, such as identifying an existing vacancy and finding the right candidate for it, attracting them, interviewing them, selecting them, hiring them and finally selecting the right candidate, which finishes the whole recruitment process. 

The entire process of recruiting requires a range of workers who have their own specific set of responsibilities. There could also exist a single worker responsible for recruiting, the number of workers involved in the whole process is dependent on the type of organization. These individuals which are responsible for recruiting are called recruiters.

The process of scouting and attracting candidates for a vacancy is one of the most cumbersome tasks. For people who possess unique talents and the desired skillet for a specific role being spread all across the global village that we live in, there is a need to simplify recruiting. This is where comes in, saving a significant amount of time and the hard-earned money of organizations looking for the right talent. is a platform that has a mission of recruiting the right talent faster.  With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with the power of the internet has come up with a solution that simplifies the recruitment process and has caused ripples in the $120 billion recruiting and staffing industry.  

While other platforms like LinkedIn do connect the talents with recruiters from companies. The recruitment team is required to scroll for hours and hours and go through hundreds of resumes to find that one perfect candidate they were looking for. 

On average, the Hiring Managers spend about 2 days out of their entire week only on finding and screening a candidate, which increases the average cost of hiring up to 4000 dollars per hire. though their facilities allow employers to not waste their valuable time, money and effort on finding and screening candidates but spend time speaking and forming a rapport with the right people.

Innovative Artificial Intelligence and Video Technology  

The old school method and recruitment process require hours spent meeting the wrong people, face-to-face interactions, and a lot of money. With the advent of the internet and new technologies like Artificial Intelligence growing every day, the entire recruitment system is changing. What started as a bootstrapped business headquartered in a bedroom, the company has shown massive growth.

Founded in 2015 by Miles Jennings and Ashley Saddle, now a platform exists as a publicly traded technology company of about 50 people, with clients spread all across the USA. While the pandemic has had severe affects on people all across the globe, it also made us realize how the internet and modern technology can help in connecting everyone.

Just enter your requirements; whether you require staff members, a chief or even your first employee, the software automatically campaigns to a network of over 150 million talent profiles. Just sit back and relax and let the software put in place do its work to provide you with updates and lists of the qualified and curated candidates via email or your preferred ATS.


With the dynamics of job marketing shifting, finding the right talent is hard and filling and finding the right candidate pipeline is harder. The on-demand recruiting platform by makes it easier for companies of all sizes to react on real-time with their talent needs, with scalable and flexible solutions. 

With one of the largest networks of over 27,500 small and independent recruiters a part of this monthly subscription-based service that this platform provides, many famous and well-renowned companies and employers trust’s on-demand recruiting solutions. Amazon, Pfizer, Ford, Activision, Coca-Cola and many more have put their trust in’s facilities.

They are the one simple solution to all things recruitment.

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