Rising from the underdeveloped rap culture of the Gulf, is Abdulrahman Al-Sahaf, the young hip hop sensation of the world

Rising from the underdeveloped rap culture of the Gulf, is Abdulrahman Al-Sahaf, the young hip hop sensation of the world

The young artist, popularly known as Wrista has the ultimate goal to fully be reliant on music.

Some people live to fulfill a certain dream of their lives, and as they get the right opportunities in life, they put all their efforts into making that particular dream become a reality. All this sounds too easy? Well, it might, but the truth of the matter is that in fulfilling a dream in life, one might just have to keep struggling all their lives, lose hope somewhere in the middle, still make an effort, keep hustling and then reach nearer to their goals. Almost all the people in the world have at least once gone through this process. Especially when it comes to the music and entertainment industry, expectations are always at the top for producers, music labels and most importantly, the listeners and audiences. To continuously cater to the increasing demand for creativity in music and songs moreover in the hip hop industry, only the passionate souls can survive. It takes immense love and belief in one’s work that helps an individual reach the status of a successful hip hop artist or a rapper. Coming from Bahrain, a young 20-year-old artist named Abdulrahman Al-Sahaf, aka Wrista, is all about this and much more as he proves why is the new hip hop sensation of the Gulf and the emerging new rapping star of the world.

Though he is native of the Middle-East, Wrista has always believed he is an artist based in Canada or the US as he thinks that music has the power to go beyond boundaries. His music is all about the raw emotions of an individual who has faced enough hardships in life and the one who has the power of music to heal others who have somewhere fought the same battles in life.

Wrista proudly says that his major inspiration for music comes from his life’s experiences, including everything from sadness, happiness and also everything else in between. Through the powerful lyrics and soulful tunes, this young lad has gone beyond what the conventional norms of the hip hop culture might be and has risen above them to emerge as one of the best artists that the world could produce, so raw, so natural and so magical. Taking real-life experiences and morphing them into audio frequencies, by also speaking on relatable topics and creating a connection with the people is also one of Wrista’s expertise.

From starting his musical journey at 15 and releasing an album at the same age, ‘We Are One’, whose proceeds went to the charity, launching a creative team ‘LOADB” (Last of a dying breed), making his upcoming track ‘Battle Thru Depression’ that talks about mental awareness and helping people heal through the song; to releasing 8 official tracks on Spotify, gaining more than 30K followers on TikTok and getting approved for Fiverr Pro in June 2020, doing voiceover for TheMercifulServant channel on YouTube, all these achievements have helped Wrista emerge as the superstar in the hip hop industry.

What’s even more impressive about this hip hop star is that he has gained massive popularity internationally as well in a short span. This proves Wrista’s authenticity as an artist and his genuine intention to heal people through his music.

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