Ritwika Gupta – Pursuing The Uncharted Path

Ritwika Gupta – Pursuing The Uncharted Path

From Singapore to Mumbai, TV anchor Ritwika Gupta has indeed come a long way.

1. Tell us about your family background and growing up years.

I was born in Kolkata but my family moved to Singapore when I was barely 4 years old. I grew up in Singapore and was surrounded by friends who aspired to be doctors, engineers and work in the corporate world. I also focused on being well-read and getting good grades.

2. When did you first realise you wanted to be in the media and entertainment industry?

During my college days, I took part in dance competitions and gigs. I even took part in a local pageant where I was runner up. I realized how much I loved being in front of the camera when I shot for my first ad, a commercial for Green Tea.

3. How did you get your first job in Mumbai?

When I initially came to Mumbai, things were very different. I was heartbroken when a project I really wanted didn’t happen. But I never gave up. I took matters in my own hand, went for meetings, presented my work and got offered my first job as an anchor for a digital show.

4. You also acted in several plays…

While anchoring was my day job, I started jamming with a theatre group after work daily and performed in a few plays. I also did a few commercials, short films and continued anchoring TV shows.

5. When did you start blogging?

I had a year-old blog where I documented my thoughts and TV work. But I never realized how much it grew in a couple of years. I started my Instagram page where I shared my craft and personal style. In a short span of time, I went from 35 to 35000 followers.

6. What is the best part of being popular?

Well, I have a voice that can reach thousands. I get many DMs from youngsters who want to be anchors or they are simply inspired by my dance videos. It is overwhelming.

7. Any advice for aspirants?

I think no matter what, fight the odds and take a chance. I definitely did not follow the conventional route but this is the only reason why I am where I am today, growing my tribe. If I can do it, so can you! 

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