Smoove Desi Said, “Video Has Been Shot, Get Ready for the Surprise”

Smoove Desi Said, “Video Has Been Shot, Get Ready for the Surprise”

Who doesn’t like surprises and that too from their favorite singer? Smoove Desi who has made a great impression on his fans and critics alike does not shy away from redefining genres and experimenting with music. This time he will be surprising his fans with his upcoming song “Tomake Chai” which is supposed to be path-breaking in many ways. The song is supposed to have Bangla/Bengali influence as Smoove himself is from Bangladesh and will come along with a great music video. 

Smoove Desi debuted with “Mastani” which was a great success. There are so many people who are making TikToks on his song “Mastani” which just shows that the popularity of his songs has massively peaked and if you liked that song, you are going to love “Tomake Chai” because it is rich, upbeat, and fun. Ifyou’re looking for a pick-me-up, you can’t go wrong with Smoove Desi’s song. Whether you’re feeling down or just need a boost of energy, his songs will easily uplift your mood.

Upon talking with Smoove desi, he revealed that the video of “Tomake Chai” has been shot and the song is ready to release. He said, “We have worked really hard to create a great experience for my listeners because I know what they want and what they expect from me. After the success of Mastani, I already knew what I have to do next. Although I love experimenting and making songs I enjoy, I truly hope that my fans know that they are in for a ride, my next song will make them love me even more.” To his message, I want to say that his music has truly been quite a ride and we can’t wait anymore to listen to his latest release. 

Smoove’s most amazing asset is his ability to hold the viewer’s attention in his music videos. His camera presence and the way he carries himself are very alluring, and added drama and masala in the lyrics make the whole experience even more enjoyable. 

“I believe in keeping it genuine and I believe those who are original to themselves will make music that will feel original to listen. In the end, it is up to listeners to decide whether they like my music or not, and as long as they like it, I can’t complain and I don’t care what others have to say.” Said Smoove Desi. After listening to so many amazing things about the song, we are expecting an early release of “Tomake Chai” and Smoove has promised to share the updates on his social media. Follow Smoove Desi on Instagram

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