Some Tips for Beginners in Digital Marketing by Youngest Digital Entrepreneur Utkarsh Piyush

Some Tips for Beginners in Digital Marketing by  Youngest Digital Entrepreneur Utkarsh Piyush

There is no doubt talents needs no recognition. It will automatically reflect your own Latent potential and the same thing happen in the case of Utkarsh Piyush, which has now been become a youth a youth sensation, coming from middle class background at age of just 17 he becomes youngest digital Entrepreneur who makes his own company Instagram marketing which has now become famous worldwide.

At the age of 15 when we are not so clear about our goals and just started shaping our destiny according to our needs Utkarsh piyush had started online marketing and digital promotion at the age of 15 as a freelancer , utkarsh piyush was learning new skills and started applying them for different project that how journey started. Early capitulation and passion towards digital marketing Foster him to do hard work,and understanding intricacies of digital marketing which leads to great great to great success.

Utkarsh piyush has shown his potential by giving work to companies and also for B Town celebrities. He has thousands of clients under is company for social media marketing ,Search Engine Optimisation, YouTube viral marketing Instagram promotions, Google promotion Facebook promotion SEO, SMM . AT THE AGE OF 15 he also owns news Media company . Utkarsh piyush is an example of a young entrepreneurs who has made a fortune using the internet and stopping the myth for sitting vigorously for white collar jobs and setup a great examples who wants to made career and applying his fortune in this field.

here he shares some tips for beginers.

Create a Niche
Creating a niche for your business will help you attract the right audience, customer or clients. This entails understanding what you do and knowing who you do it for.
Having a grasp of your market space means that you have to inspire that ‘This is exactly my problem and this is the exact solution I seek’ response from clients. Doing so will bring the enthusiasm clients need to patronize you for your products and services.
As Utkarsh likes to put it “You have to know the products and services you offer, the clients you’re targeting, where they are and then make no mistake in communicating how you’ll solve their particular need and what impact it will have on them. That’s the first step for me”

Unique Marketing Strategy

Having identified the products and services you offer and what your clients stand to gain. The next thing to do is to devise a winning strategy for marketing to your clients. Make no mistakes, marketing has just as much to do with your personality as it does with the strategy employed. So you have to let your personality at all times while making your products and service offers.
Being professional matters but then it might just be creating a rigid outlook for your business in the eyes of prospective clients.
Hence, while having a presentation or interaction with potential clients, keep it simple.
This will make your interactions memorable and make clients connect easily with you.
Don’t forget. The strategy is ‘simplicity and style’.

Make Client Satisfaction Your Watch Word

Listen to your clients, understand their peculiarities and deal with them individually. This has more to do with behaviour, psychology and more. A good businessperson is in some ways a psychologist. Study your clients or customers, and treat each one specially. If you are doing a business it is very necessary to be available on social networking sites like Facebook and promote your product there. The more followers your Facebook page contains the probability of profit is higher. To obtain the maximum profit you may find the best sites to buy Facebook followers.

Delivering your products or services excellently while keeping your clients satisfied is how you earn yourself both loyalists and recommendations.


Offering incentives to new clients is a bonus way of getting even more clients. Words spread very fast. This is particularly needed for a start-up or a business seeking expansion. Attracting new clients isn’t easy but you can achieve this by offering incentives in the form of discounts to new customers only. This affords them the opportunity to try out your products and services while minimizing risk.

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