Stevieknocks Talks Fatherhood and teaching his Sons about Racism

Stevieknocks Talks Fatherhood and teaching his Sons about Racism

Hello Stevieknocks how are you

I’m great Thanks for Asking!

1. So Stevieknocks tell me how many kids do you have?

I have 2 kids , 2 boys to be exact !

2. Stevieknocks How old are your 2 sons?

I have a 9 year old and I have son who turns 11 October 6th

3. How difficult is to express to your boys about what’s going on in America with Racism Stevieknocks?

It’s extremely difficult because I didn’t think I would have to have these conversations with my kids at their age, but I have to prepare for them for this tough world! It’s very important to me that I teach about the history of this country and about what’s going on now, they see everything on the news it’s hard to avoid it!

4. Can you be more specific Stevieknocks?

Yes for an example my 9 year old son Saw what happened on the news with Breyona Taylor and he Said to me Dad is that going to happen to us , I almost cried but I had to hold it together and show strength , I explained to him that there are good people in the world and there are bad people in the world including law enforcement and they all know right from wrong but some choose the wrong path. I couldn’t go to deep in depth because I really don’t want them to think cops are bad people, I know a few cops that are good guys , but I will not lie to my kids about our reality  

5. Stevieknocks Have you ever had to deal with racism personally?

Yes, I have to deal with it in the music industry, I’ve dealt with a past relationship! I’ve dealt with Where I live in Hollywood California, I recently had a situation in Miami where I had to address it! So yea it’s everywhere

6. Stevieknocks do you believe your kids are prepared to deal with racism?

No, my kids are not ready to deal with it but I will try my best as a parent to educate them as much as I can! I’ve already explained to them that not everyone is racist!

7. Whats some advice you can give another parent on racism?

My best advice is to take baby steps don’t reveal everything all at once as your kids get older start to ease into. Racism Involves a lot of violence so be careful about throwing everything in the pot all at once.

8. Stevieknocks last question how does it feel to be a father?

It feels amazing, the best feeling in the world and the scariest feeling in the world and I say that because I’m aware of the danger in the world and I know my sons are completely innocent. Most parents feel the same way  Every day I try to be a good example for them.

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