The ever growing popularity of Prateek Gandhi’s music is speaking volumes about his talent.

The ever growing popularity of Prateek Gandhi’s music is speaking volumes about his talent.

Indian music industry has given us gems till this day whose music have touched hearts and souls of listeners.

Music indeed gives comfort amid the troublesome times in our lives. History has it that people have always looked for solace in music in the most trying times which is true to its core. India has had the best talent when it comes to anything related to music and is amassed with a plethora of great, soul stirring music by Indian artists. We have talented musicians and singers who have mesmerized us since ages with their flair. Today we have a choice of distinct genres of music which we can choose from according to our varying tastes. There are many gifted musicians but one young talent in the world of music who stands out of the crowd and is steadily inching towards popularity is Prateek Gandhi.

Originally from Talwara district, Banswara in Rajasthan Prateek has made his presence felt with his work in the Indian music industry. Working from his base in Mumbai, Maharashtra this multi talented singer, composer, performer, sound mixing engineer and producer is creating fusion music with his fiercely creative music instincts. All his compositions and songs are soulful from the word go, and are hitting the charts in a big way. His songs are trending on popular music platforms like Spotify and garnering fans with fast pace. He has collaborated with many established singers and others related to the music field and all his originals and collaborations have been acclaimed by fans all over. One of his recent releases which goes by the name “Mumbai Machaand” features the famous Hindustani Bhau who is known for his expletive Mumbai slang and is guaranteed to receive claps and whistles going by the traits of its look and the music thats going to set the chartbusters on fire with its launch. With his innovative music and distinct style Prateek is bound to make a headway towards success and is surely going to win a million hearts with his voice and music. To know more about him visit his official website

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