The upcoming mixed reality headset from Apple is said to run “xrOS”


Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports that Apple has internally renamed the accompanying software for its forthcoming mixed reality headset from “realityOS” to “xrOS.” The new name better reflects the software’s capabilities, as the reporter notes: “XR”, After all, refers to extended reality, and it is anticipated that the headset will feature both augmented and virtual reality features.

Gurman claims that Deep Dive LLC, a shell corporation, has filed trademark applications for the brand “xrOS” in the United States and other nations, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Ukraine, Japan, and Canada, in addition to the internal name change. Deep Dive stated in its application that it is seeking a trademark for “head-mounted displays” as well as devices that offer “virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.”Whether Apple is behind this filing is unknown.

However, earlier this year, Vox Media product manager Parker Ortolani discovered a patent application for “realityOS” submitted by Realityo Systems LLC, a for-profit entity. In August, another shell company with a different name applied for “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor,” according to Bloomberg.

This recent name change may indicate that Apple is finalizing the project’s specifics in preparation for its upcoming launch. According to Gurman, Apple intends to launch its app store, dedicated operating system, and headset sometime in the coming year. The device will use iris scanning for app purchases and sign-ins, according to previous reports, and it will feature virtual versions of the company’s apps like Messages, FaceTime, and Maps. In addition, Apple’s most recent job postings suggest that the tech giant is developing a 3D mixed reality world that could compete with Facebook’s metaverse.

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