This Female Entrepreneur is Making Waves on the Amazon Front

<strong>This Female Entrepreneur is Making Waves on the Amazon Front</strong>

Having spent eight years in the non-profit sector and serving others, Athena Severi, one-half of the founding team of the Titan Network, has long been helping experts and new business owners, alike, garner the necessary skills to become more.

Severi never had aspirations of becoming an Amazon seller, let alone an influential figure in the Amazon-selling space, but the public speaker and entrepreneur has achieved just that. She initially was attempting to advance her corporate career, but her ability to enable other entrepreneurs to achieve their goals would suggest a different career path was in store for her.

“I wasn’t getting ahead and achieving what I wanted to. I felt like I wasn’t being a good mom or a career person,” she recalled. “Something had to give, and it turned out that Amazon was the vehicle to help me find time and location freedom.”

She began doing speaking engagements and mentorship programs in her home, which eventually grew to larger events and, eventually, on the big stage, in front of thousands. Severi was providing necessary information, best practices and tactics to help sellers reach their goals. Shortly thereafter, following a chance meeting with Dan Ashburn, an Amazon-selling guru, the Titan Network was born.

“Titan is unlike anything else and could never be duplicated. As well as having the best minds in the Amazon industry as mentors, we have the unfair advantage of being an incredible community too,” Severi stated. “Everyone who’s a part of Titan is doing it because of a passion and purpose to help others succeed, it’s become a real movement that produces incredible results.”

Both Severi and Ashburn, along with the Titan Network team, lights a fire in the minds of entrepreneurs and aspiring e-commerce sellers to fulfill their dreams of business inception, scale and a strategic (and successful) exit. It is a members-only organization for Amazon sellers and business owners to connect, network, share best practices and provide levels of support, but one that is also comprised of some of the sharpest and most-successful business minds in the world.

“At Titan, we talk a lot about building a life with intention, and about making the day-to-day choices to build whatever kind of world we want,” she added. “That includes building opportunities for advancement at every level.”

Spreading the Word

Enjoying the success and work-life balance that, unfortunately, not too many get to earn in the Amazon e-commerce sector, Severi wants her achievements to spotlight the need for more female business leaders. In fact, she wishes to serve as an advocate for female empowerment, especially for those with aspirations of propelling their careers to C-level and entrepreneurial statuses, without prejudice of gender stereotypes.

Witnessing, firsthand, the success of women on the Amazon front, while also providing all the necessary advice and information she offers on stage, is what has earned her the nickname of, ‘The Queen of Amazon’. Her commanding presence on both the stage and social media also serves as a message of inspiration where she can offer her insights to promote lasting change.

“I want to inspire the women who look up to me, and I want to remind my sons not to judge anyone for their looks. While I’m reminding myself and my fellow women of our power, it’s also important to raise the next generation of men to know that women belong in business class, and everywhere else,” she said. “I want to help others live their life with passion and purpose too.”

About Athena Severi

Athena Severi is an internationally acclaimed speaker and high-level community builder, and has become known for helping fellow Amazon entrepreneurs achieve lifestyle freedom. She is the Co-Founder of China Magic, a bi-annual 12-day sourcing and networking trip to China; and Co-Founder of Titan Network, an exclusive invite-only membership network for Amazon sellers. For more information on Athena and Titan Network, visit

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