Top crypto tokens to buy and hold in India

Top crypto tokens to buy and hold in India


Why is investing in cryptocurrency a good idea?

When it comes to reasons why one should consider investing in crypto, there are several to take into account. For starters, if you already have some investments, you are aware of how important diversifying your portfolio is. So, in addition to stocks and bonds, you can also invest in some cryptocurrencies to grow your assets. Moreover, crypto has equity potential, meaning that there is a possibility for a high ROI. While they can be risky and volatile, you can store them long-term and cash in when you see that they are on the rise again.

Many people are also choosing to invest in cryptocurrencies because they are reliable. As there is a finite supply of them, they are a stable currency that cannot be diluted or influenced by inflation caused by political events. Additionally, they cannot be seized or printed, so the possibility of getting robbed is lowered as well.

Now you may be wondering which are the top tokens to buy and hold in India for making some great profits. We have made it easy for you, here are the top crypto tokens to buy and hold in India:

1.  VITA INU TOKEN ($VINU): Vita Inu ($VINU) is an ecosystem established to facilitate the purchase of goods and services with digital currencies. The team behind Vita Inu consists of several individuals with years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. The team is led by co-founders David Orme and Maximilian Weinberg and includes many developers, designers, and marketing professionals. VITA Inu ($VINU) is currently the most emerging meme token in the market. The total supply of Vita Inu (VINU) tokens is 1 billion, and the developers are planning to distribute these tokens through a series of airdrops and rewards. There are also several advantages to the Vita Inu mentioned by the developers. For example, the coin’s ability to be used as a payment tool for goods and services, be donated to charities, and be used in mobile wallets and bank cards are among its prominent features. You can buy VINU tokens at Bybit, The best cryptocurrency exchange in India right now, or any other exchange of your choice.

2. Trace Metaverse ($TRC) Token: Trace is currently the best upcoming crypto play-to-earn game. Trace is a geolocation-based metaverse with AR technology for smartphones. There are more than 20 employees in the Trace.Top team, who worked in such companies as Wargaming, Niantic (Pokemon Go), Gameinsight, Kama Games, Yandex, and Intel. Trace is like Pokemon Go with the possibility of earning. You go, look for boxes inside which have valuable NFTs, go to work or school and make money, you can also post something there, meet new friends and chat, pumping up your avatar, you earn. In short, the game does not force narrow banal mechanics. You live your life, develop in the natural and digital world in parallel and earn more. Trace has also announced its partnership with a famous crypto exchange Bitmart and the most promising blockchain Polygon (Polygon Studios) to create a bigger gaming metaverse world. The native token of Trace Metaverse, Play to Earn project is $TRC. Trace governance token ($TRC)  has only 5,000,000,000 token issuances and it has already raised more than 3.5 million USD. The pre-sale of Trace metaverse exclusive NFT and token sale is starting soon. You can join the Discord community of Trace Geometaverse to stay updated.

3. Heart Of Shades ($HOS): Every woman out there is probably bullish on Heart of Shades at this moment in the rally of the cosmetics industry joining Web3. India’s first-ever luxury cosmetic brand “Heart Of Shades™ ” is bringing Web3 and luxury together with prominent use of Web3, Crypto, and NFTs.” The character of Heart Of Shades™ is all about knowing yourself. Someone whose presence changes the dynamics of any environment. No matter what ethnicity, no matter what color, what features they have, with Heart Of Shades aka HOS one transcends into a dame to kill for” said Niharika Dolui, The CEO and Co-Founder of the start-up who is among the evolving CEOs in India by Global Business Line. Launching in 2023, HOS (Heart Of Shades) is the only web3 luxury cosmetics start-up to fight with products like Charlotte Tilbury, Bobby Brown, and others. The vision of Heart Of Shades is really different from the affordable Indian beauty brands like Mamaearth, Sugar, etc. Heart Of Shades is definitely one of the top new cryptocurrencies launching in India.

4. AVALANCHE ($AVAX): AVAX is used to pay transaction processing fees, secure the Avalanche network, and act as a basic unit of account among blockchains in the Avalanche network. Avalanche (AVAX) is in the top ten by market cap with a bullish performance of 3,100%, ahead of top crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, and DOT, according to CoinMarketCap data.

5. Social Good Token ($SG): Social Good (SG) token is the token by Social Good Foundation founded by Mr. Soichiro Takaoka. It became really popular in India as Abhyudoy Das, one of the best crypto influencers in India worked as their Indian advisor. The more they shop through the SocialGood App, the more assets users earn. There are over 2 million users from more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. The app has partnered with over 1,800+ major shopping websites, and users can earn SocialGood ($SG) cryptocurrency in proportion to how much they spend at these stores. Social Good Foundation Inc. has registered 68 patents in Japan, including their patented Crypto Back system

6. Theta: Theta is a video streaming platform that rewards users for sharing their extra bandwidth and computing resources. Steve Chen, the co-founder of YouTube, says Theta will disrupt the online video industry as YouTube did in 2005, albeit in a different way. Theta solves the problem of delivering video to certain parts of the world by reducing its costs. Quality isn’t sacrificed, either. Theta believes it’s important to provide high-quality streaming for everyone.

7. Algorand ($ALGO): Algorand can be considered a good investment. Additionally, investing in Algorand could result in enormous gains you never envisioned. Since the start of 2021, Algorand (ALGO) has been soaring in the price You can buy Algorand (Algo) in Bybit, the best exchange worldwide. Based on ALGO calculations, DigitalCoinPrice predicts the coin will hit $0.40 by 2022, $0.82 by 2023, and $1.14 by 2024. It’s predicted to grow to $1.52 in 2025, then drop to $1.28 in 2026, according to the site. By the end of 2022, Gov Capital expects ALGO to trade at $0.40, then climb to about $1.56 next year.

8. Chilliz ($CHZ) Token: ChiliZ token ($CHZ) is the official, exclusive utility token that operates on the fan voting portal. You may buy this potential token at Bybit, the safest exchange in India. Using this platform, sports and e-sports enthusiasts can participate in the management process of their favorite teams, leagues, games, and events.

9. Polygon ($MATIC):Polygon is the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Polygon effectively transforms Ethereum into a full-fledged multi-chain system (aka Internet of Blockchains). The $MATIC token will continue to exist and will play an increasingly important role, in securing the system and enabling governance. Now users can buy Polygon without any trading fee at the fastest-growing crypto exchange in India, Bybit which is also the third most-visited exchange in the world. Recently they announced partnerships with Disney, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. If you are a fan of Layer 2, Matic can be your steady bet.

10. Apex Protocol ($APEX) TOKEN: ApeX, a decentralized and non-custodial derivatives protocol incubated by Davion Labs, has recently closed its seed round funding, which is led by global investors including Dragonfly Capital Partners, Jump Trading, Tiger Global, Mirana Ventures, CyberX, Kronos and M77 Ventures. The $APEX token was launched at Bybit Launchpad, the best IEO launchpad service at this moment worldwide. The protocol successfully launched its beta version on the Arbitrum main net and released its original series of NFTs equipped with special equity attributes to the public.

Who are the best Crypto Influencers in India at this moment?

There are around 15 to 20 million active cryptocurrency investors in India, it is only obvious to us that to have some of the best minds in the crypto platform. Here is the list of best crypto influencers in India as shared by various media platforms and experts: 1. Abhyudoy Das 2. Nischal Shetty 3. Sumit Gupta 4. Ashish Singhal 5. Sandeep Nailwal 6. Ajeet Khurana 7. Naval Ravikant 8. Balaji Srinivasan. You may rely on them to get the best crypto advice about the Indian crypto industry and they have an impact worldwide as well.

Where to trade buy and trade Cryptocurrency?

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges available out there. You may consider buying crypto tokens ($VINU, $ETH, $MATIC, $AVAX, etc.) at the world’s safest exchange,, or their app. VINU is definitely one of the most priority tokens available right now. You can also earn up to $4000 as a new user or by referring your friends. It’s currently the best exchange in India and also the 3rd biggest crypto exchange by daily derivatives volume.  If you would like to trade at some other exchange, always check their safety precautions, etc.
Please remember new popular and most wanted tokens like Trace ($TRC), and Heart Of Shades ($HOS) are not available in exchanges as you will be able to buy them at a discounted price, so for buying such tokens, you may follow their communities in order to stay updated.

Disclaimer: Investment in cryptocurrency has risks like any investment platform. Please do your own research before making the final investment decision.

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