Topping the game of marketing across the state of Texas is marketing and advertising firm @toptree Agency

Topping the game of marketing across the state of Texas is marketing and advertising firm @toptree Agency

Top Tree Agency’s exquisite marketing and creative advertising have helped it become the no.1 online marketing firm in Houston.

The Digital revolution is at its peak during the COVID-19 era and has become a must for the businesses and for the clients to engage digitally. Small-scale businesses too, have been forced to cater to the digital audience. This has created a surge in digital marketing strategies and agencies to change the dynamics of the online space for better. A marketing agency that has grown tremendously is Top Tree Agency. Launched by its co-founders Layne Schmerin and Jonathan Lepow, Top Tree Agency operates in Houston, Texas. Top Tree hires a robust team of talented people, who with their talent & creativity devise more and more successful strategies to enhance the social presence of various brands and companies online. The company is way ahead in the game and tops the charts in online marketing, advertising, and digital advising.

Helmed by Schmerin and Lepow, Top Tree was initially started to educate people about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, marijuana. Due to their brother, Brandon Lepow’s passing because of Cancer, did they realize that some awareness program is needed to educate the minds of people who only negatively look at cannabis. Schmerin & Lepow has nothing to do with an online marketing firm, but out of necessity were driven to open it. The Cannabis Company soared to great heights, and both of them realized their strong marketing abilities & hunger to further the business. So was born, Top Tree Agency, where not only planning and devising of online marketing would be made, but the focus was also given on uplifting other businesses by providing fruitful advice to the ones in dire need.

They started their advice program online as at the time of establishing the Cannabis Company; no one helped them in terms of the market scale, techniques to reach a larger audience, etc.

The Agency has worked with many notable brands like Advanced Nutrients, Ignite Cannabis, etc. Marketing campaigns of Shark Tank, as well as music giant Macklemore, were led by Top Tree. The firm has a mammoth reach of more than 10 million clients, with 619 K followers on its social media. This enhances their chances of reaching every group of people using the internet. Top Tree has a superlative hiring system, and only the top-most minds in the business are employed by the company.

Top Tree Agency’s rise in the online digital marketing world is a testament of their founders’ extreme sharpness & sensibility, which has helped Schmerin & Lepow lead the no.1 marketing company of Houston.

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