Type of Trouser to Wear With an Elevator Shoe

Type of Trouser to Wear With an Elevator Shoe

A lot of people are curious if they can wear the same types of trousers on their elevator shoe. Well, the simple answer is; you can wear any type of trouser on your elevator shoe provided it fits. So, the question is; which trouser fits an elevator shoe. Well, you are in the right place because we will be talking about that in a minute.


Since elevator shoes are usually higher especially at the ankles, then you might need to adjust the length of your trousers to accommodate this. If you are going to be wearing an elevator shoe that is about 5 inches high, your trouser should be about 3 inches higher than normal. The reason for this is because the shoes will push the trousers up. Because of this, your trouser might not cover your ankles.

For instance, it is likely that while sitting, your trousers will ride up. When this happens, it tends to attract attention to your feet. By so doing, people will notice your elevator shoes. But this depends entirely on you, if you want attention or not.

However, if your elevator shoes are about 2 to 3 inches high, you might not need to increase the length of your trousers. This is because it won’t make much difference. Again, we acknowledge that some people like their trousers above their ankles. If you fall within this category, then you do not need to make any adjustment to your trousers.

Matching Trousers With Different Elevator Shoes

Now, you need to know the type of trousers that are suitable for different types of elevator shoes. The first thing to know is; there is no single template for style. And people tend to combine different outfits as they like. However, there are some standards which most people agree with and this is what we will be discussing now.

If you will be wearing jeans, you should never try to wear oxford or brogue elevator shoes with it. Rather, you should match the jeans with a pair of elevator sneakers. Besides, you can also go for elevator boots and you’ll still look amazing. Your formal elevator shoes for men like brogues, oxford should be worn with a formal suit or tuxedo pants.

Furthermore, if you will be going for shorts instead of trousers, sneakers are definitely what you should be looking at. Moreover, we can all agree that shorts with formal shoes are a big no. Finally, for skinny jeans, we will advise you to go for elevator boots as this will make you look sharper. You can also rock the skinny jeans with sneakers too.

Final Word

We mentioned before that there’s no single template for style. Style changes with time and by tomorrow, our style suggestion can become out of vogue already. All you need to do now is to continuously watch the different change in style and trend in your environment. You should also be ready to change and follow the new trend.

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