UD(Unlimited Dimension)-DODOOR NFT Another Boom in Crypto Winter

The world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is a massive business that has surpassed billions of dollars in recent years. Since the creation of the first NFT; there was a storm in its popularity bringing on several celebrities to its venture. Numerous rumour and explanations have been flooding the internet regarding the raise of NFT, although, they only continue to baffle and amaze old and new investors alike. Among the various NFT projects released this year, a new project; DODOOR NFT has caught the attention of cryptocurrency and NFT followers within the industry. This project is created by a team called Unlimited Dimension (UD).

So, what exactly is UD and DODOOR?

About UD (Unlimited Dimension)

According to the official announcement, UD is a team forged by 18 young and talented people, and its founder JIM claims that as a decentralized global team, UD will dedicate in presenting extincted animals in the UDverse through NFT to call the world out for more attention and protection of endangered animals.

Image credit: Unlimited Dimension


DODOOR as the first project that UD choose to release, is created by the idea of the extincted animal called dodo bird, and it contains 1,000 NFTs with exclusive looks and attributes on each and every one of them, these exclusive features make DODOOR NFTs rarer as they already are, meanwhile, holder accesses, custom street clothes, NFT, offline events give this project unlimited possibilities in the future.

About UD and DODOOR, these are the questions that are frequently asked:

What makes a DODOOR collectable rare?

DODOOR collection has 1,000 NFTs in total and each collection is unique, the features on each DODOOR are all different, such as background color, wing, eyes, fur, mouth, clothes, and headdress etc, and all of them are given an exclusive personality and a background story. Like the UD CAO Sower said: We have given our all in order to create work with vitality, that is the reason why all of our works are original and given a higher purpose.

How much does a DODOOR NFT cost?

Each collection of DODOOR will be minted on 0.05E (around $80), there are more than 200k followers on their official Twitter, and lots of NFT enthusiasts and KOLs have high expectations for this project, one of them even claims that after UD releases DODOOR NFT, there might be a new NFT storm in this bear market.

What is the mint date for DODOOR? And how to mint?

DODOOR’s mint date is on Sep.26th this year, using the ERC721A contract that allows people to mint more than 1 NFT with only 1 NFT gas fee, and although there are only 1,000k collection, UD team are continuously handing out white list spots in their official communities to offer more perks to their followers.

Company: Unlimited Dimension

Contact Person: Teresa Smith



Telephone: 917-859-1321

City: New York

Address: ATLANTA 1082  Hood Avenue

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