Varanasi – A City Of Temples

Varanasi – A City Of Temples

Kashi Vishwanath Ki Nagri, as Varanasi is regularly called is a spot that was administered by Mughals and Lords before. This place that is known for different Culture and Legacy, Ceremonies and convictions, is one of the persistently occupied urban areas of the world. A city that has an excellent mixture of our strict past and an advanced future which is likewise a center point for some holy people and sages in the present has the height of being the Most established City of India. The city has the best waterway facing in India with miles of Ghats or steps for strict washing, a variety of holy places and sanctuaries and different other delightful royal residences. Being the focal point of Hindu learning, Kashi – (one more name of Varanasi) is additionally a city of learned researchers that run innumerable such schools for the continuation of customary learning.

“Yahaan Madhav Ki Chaaya Hai Aur Moksha Ki Maaya Hai”.

Discussing this strict capital of the country, today through our blog, we will go for a walk to its renowned sanctuaries and the managing gods of these sanctuaries.

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