Verizon Business Complete Debuts as a Comprehensive Solution for Managing Smartphones

Verizon Business Complete Debuts as a Comprehensive Solution for Managing Smartphones

For those looking for a complete smartphone solution, Verizon has launched a new product today for business and enterprise customers. Verizon Business Complete comes with everything you need to buy, set up, manage mobile devices (MDM), get round-the-clock support, replace or repair devices, and receive 24-month upgrades all in one package.

Verizon announced the new business and enterprise offering in a press release this morning. The carrier says it’s the first in the US to deliver an “end-to-end smartphone management” solution.

Verizon Business Complete Includes the Following:

Transportation: The customer’s personnel receive a welcome kit and smartphone in the mail. Additional accessories, such as a screen protector and wall charger, are included with every welcome kit product.

Setup: Verizon Offers Setup help to the Customer’s Staff

Management: Verizon Business Complete comes with Verizon Mobile Device Management (MDM), which gives IT managers the ability to monitor, manage, and control the mobile devices and apps that connect to their networks while putting security first.

Repair and replacement: Theft, damage, and loss are all covered by optional insurance. includes limitless repairs for cracked screens and device replacement (up to same-day depending on location and inventory).

Recycle & Upgrade: Every 24 months, upgrades are available. Devices that are sent out are collected and recycled by Verizon.

Additionally, end-to-end smartphone management gives companies the assurance that their cellphones will be responsibly managed from a sustainability standpoint, from purchase to disposal.

Customers may “simply click to accept a month-to-month agreement at the time of ordering” Verizon Business Complete, according to the company, with costs changing based on smartphone model.

The new product, according to Verizon, is “currently available on a limited basis, and will be available to customers later this summer.”

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