VRanjha: Real challenge is to overcome initial failures, now I am keen on taking my music to next level

VRanjha: Real challenge is to overcome initial failures, now I am keen on taking my music to next level

In this interview, Punjabi singer, Lyricist, and Composer VRanjha talks about his musical journey, his struggles and influences, and future projects.

Q1. Your songs seems to bear a very unique stamp. Tell us about your origins as well as the inspiration behind your music?

Right from a very young age, I used to listen to artists from all across the globe. I never imagined that I would become an artist one day. It merely started as a hobby. When I was in college, there was already a strong underground rap scene there. I remember Bohemia started hip-hop in India and people were just going crazy about it. So I started making beats for the underground artists as a means to make some pocket money. Once people started appreciating my work as an amateur it gave me the confidence to take it up as a career.

Q2. What kind of challenges did you have to face during your early days as an underground artist?

The thing is that people wouldn’t accept you until you do some really good work. The moment you are able to raise the bar to a point where your work starts influencing people you start getting noticed as an artist. The biggest challenge was to overcome the initial failures. Many singers lose hope after initial failure, my suggestion to them is to focus on your work keep evolving as per the current trend, never lay your weapons down. One day you will succeed for sure.

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Q3. When it comes to the Indie Pop Music scene in India, the music industry in Punjab has invariably been a trendsetter. As someone belonging to the new generation of Punjabi singers, tell us about the latest trends in the industry.

The most fascinating thing about the Punjab music industry is that it has grown constantly right from the very beginning. Today we have a whole new generation of singers as well as listeners. Now the focus is on creating content with a greater pan Indian appeal.

Q4. Tell us about your influences and inspirations.

Jazzy B has been a lifelong influence. He is someone who has been a great source of influence right from my childhood, then of course there are Bohemia, Mika and Diljit Dosanj, among others. So the influencers are quite varied.

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Q5 . What can we expect next from you?

Well that might be a spoiler for my fans. My next song is a party song which I am collaborating with Rapper Shikari. After that, I am planning a couple of Hip Hop Songs and a Romantic Duet Song. I am also looking forward to Collab with social media influencers for a song. Now I am keen on taking my music to the next level.

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