Vulcan Blockchain: Changing the Game for DeFi Investors

Vulcan Blockchain: Changing the Game for DeFi Investors

DeFi (decentralized finance) offers various opportunities to make financial and banking transactions more secure, transparent, and cost-effective on the blockchain. However, the DeFi industry is still in its initial stages. Despite various crypto companies entering the market, no one really unlocked the power of DeFi until Bryan Legend founded Vulcan Blockchain. 

Bryan Legend is the co-founder of OOXY Labs and Vulcan Blockchain, the world’s first auto-rebasing blockchain. He is one of the brains behind revolutionizing the crypto industry with advanced DeFi technologies. His Vulcan Blockchain has been developed with the future in mind. 

Bryan is an Australian entrepreneur, influencer, and visionary with a decade of experience in the crypto world. He is known for his worldly knowledge due to his past experiences in different industries. From business management to sales and marketing, Bryan has expertise in several fields, which makes him the right choice to lead the development of DeFi. 

Vulcan Blockchain- The Game Changer 

Bryan Legend’s involvement in OOXY Labs and Vulcan Blockchain makes Vulcan a worthy contender for the most innovative blockchain for 2023. Many aspects make Vulcan Blockchain stand out from the rest of the crypto companies. 

  • Auto-Rebasing 

Vulcan Blockchain is the first auto-rebasing blockchain. It also offers auto-staking and auto-compounding functionalities where users can use their native $VUL coins to gain benefits in every epoch. This implies better and more returns for your money. Also, the blockchain offers a standard 44% APR across the board for all $VUL coin holders. 

  • Fire Pit 

The Fire Pit is Vulcan Blockchain’s latest burning mechanism to offset inflation. The company has decided to regularly reduce the supply of circulating tokens to keep the platform sustainable. The Fire Pit also aids with auto-rebasing, ensuring that its balance increases once every 15 minutes with each epoch. This process continues throughout and is not dependent on the transaction volume. 

  • Vulcan Consensus 

Vulcan Blockchain doesn’t rely on the Proof of Work consensus protocol used by traditional crypto companies. It has developed the Vulcan Consensus based on proof of authority protocol to reduce carbon footprint and emissions and make the platform eco-friendly and sustainable. 

  • Voting Rights 

Investors are not mere users of the platform. Bryan wants Vulcan’s investors to have a greater role and authority in determining the future developments of the platform. Vulcan Blockchain wants to make the entire system more transparent by keeping investors up to date about the latest changes and asking for their votes to make major decisions. Investors can exchange their $VUL to get $gVUL (governance tokens) to be eligible for voting. 

Bryan Legend’s Vulcan Blockchain is a one-stop destination for crypto lovers. The official launch of Vulcan is set to go live Q2 of 2023. 



Saurabh Singla

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