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What It Is Like to Stay at One of Golan Heights’ Luxury Suites

What It Is Like to Stay at One of Golan Heights’ Luxury Suites

It did not take us a long time of hesitation, nor of planning, when we decided to visit the Sea of Galilee area in Northern Israel. Seeing how stunning that region is, and being excited from what we read about it and the experiences our friends who went there shared with us, we actually could not wait to finally go there and live those incredible moments too!

When planning our visit, everything went smooth and struggle-free, from setting the budget to designing the different places we were hoping to visit once we get there. Only one thing is left one: finding accommodation.

You would expect this one would be the most difficult. However, it turned out to be the opposite as we were completely surprised by the multitude of options available for Sea of Galilee accommodation.

Finally, after only few minutes of debating, we all agreed to book of the Golan Heights’ luxury suites. I mean, why not? Who would say no to being spoiled in one of the most wonderful places in the world? Definitely not us!

As this stage, and after booking our luxury suites in the Sea of Galilee, we started gathering more knowledge about the area and having more insights of the history and background of this special region.

The Sea of Galilee has attracted us for a long time, especially the uniqueness of its weather, the welcoming locals in its towns, and the opportunity it gives us to finally live a real adventure in the heart of nature without compromising our comfort in the process. We always try to get the best of both world!

After packing, booking flights and setting alarms to not miss our plane, we finally arrived to the Sea of Galilee, and to the warm and luxurious embrace of our suite in the Golan Heights.

As a first-time visitor, you would expect that only the staff would welcome you with a smile on their face. However, this is not the case when it comes to Golan heights. In fact, everyone there walk around with cheerful faces as if they are the happiest people on earth, or perhaps they really are, seeing the gorgeous nature surrounding them.

The cherry on top of the cake was the hot sauna and spa treatments our luxury hotel in the Sea of Galilee offered us. We would go out and spend the whole day walking discovering the nature and benefiting from the fresh air, knowing that by the evening, we will get back to some relaxation time before falling deeply asleep. A truly one a lifetime experience anyone must try to live!

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