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Why Mario Store is the Best Place to Buy Game Accounts

Why Mario Store is the Best Place to Buy Game Accounts

Games are expensive – if you want an extensive collection, you could be looking at spending thousands and thousands of dollars once you factor in the cost of your console or PC, and any additional DLC you purchase for the games you love. This, of course, comes with the territory of being a gamer… or does it?

The founders behind Mario Fortnite Store certainly didn’t think so.

What is Mario Fortnite Store?

Mario Fortnite Store is an online store that sells gamer accounts containing some of the world’s most popular games – you can see their range of accounts at They originally started selling gamer accounts in 2018 and started their store in 2019. Since, they have grown to be one of the most popular online account stores and have over 122,000 followers on their Instagram account.

Why Buy from Mario Fortnite Store?

If you love gaming, but simply don’t have the budget to buy every AAA and indie title out there, or every available skin on Fortnite, you can buy access to accounts that do. Some of the accounts offer guaranteed content, others are a “lucky dip” account, in which you can see what you get. One reviewer reported getting an account with over 280 games.

They offer competitive prices and often offer discounts, too, so you’re getting a serious bargain when you buy from them. And – because all products are digital, you’ll get almost immediate access to your purchase; most are completed in just seconds, and others don’t take much longer than that.

On top of great products and incredible prices, they also offer 24/7 instant messenger technical support, so you never have to struggle with logins. Plus, since they request that you film the login, they’ll know exactly what’s going wrong so they can put it right, if necessary. 

What Else Do They Offer?

They also offer Instagram account growth services. Since they have become so popular themselves on the platform, they now offer authentic growth services for others, growing accounts by 7,000 or 10,000 followers. These new followers aren’t bots either – they’re authentic people.

So, if you’ve been looking for a way to grow your Instagram following, whether it simply be because you would like more followers, or because you’re looking to increase brand awareness for yourself or your business, they’re here to help you get authentic and relevant followers.

A Store You Can Trust

Many of their accounts have been purchased thousands (and tens of thousands) of times. Their reviews are extremely genuine and positive, and you can find reviews for each product on their associated product page, so you can see how past customers actually feel about their purchase. Some have even come back 6 months later to praise the quality of the accounts and the customer service. If you aren’t sure how to link an account, they’ll guide you through the process.

What happens if an account is a dud or doesn’t contain what is promised? Simply contact customer support, and they’ll recompensate you. Most accounts work with Sony, but should your purchase not, again simply contact customer support and they’ll sort things out for you. If you’re looking to expand your game library or are seeking a certain item or skin, join the hundreds of thousands of customers who have chosen to spend their money with Mario Store. They’ve quickly become one of the top stores out there, and you certainly won’t be disappointed! See their full range here.

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