Why Persia Grai Is Destined To Go Viral Again

Why Persia Grai Is Destined To Go Viral Again

Persia Grai dropped his viral single ‘Juice’ over three years ago today. The artist with the hand for catchy hooks and choruses might have been ahead of his time.

Now he’s in the right spot.

It’s a breathtaking speed at which the music industry is moving in the past 10 years. After streaming platforms such as Spotify and Soundcloud turned the creative scene upside down in plenty different ways, a majority of artists are adapting to new trends every week and basically making consumer focussed content rather than independent music. The latest developments on the digital universe have brought more changes, but also more opportunities with them.

Songs like Persia Grai’s ‘Juice’, that reached over 100.000 plays within the first month, have even more chances to go viral these days. Platforms like TikTok and Triller are highly beneficial for artists with catchy hooks and choruses, with the short sequences and choreographies of the users going viral within hours, spreading the music all over the internet.

Particularly the genres pop and hiphop have high benefitted from the change of culture. Let’s have a look at the current top 10 – there are three TikTok hits in there. TikTok – the app of viral choreographies and song parts. And the billboard charts.

The billboard charts, which definitely are also in range for Michael Greene aka Persia Grai.

His fine craft separates him from the pack and makes him a complete artist who is always ready to deliver – live or in the studio doesn’t matter.

He’s proven himself opening for Detroit heroes like Big Sean or Travis Porter, gathering festival crowds and a loyal following.

The artist with black and Puerto Rican descents has another trick up his sleeve of skills – he is bilingual and has shown off how casual he can switch languages on tracks before.

In 2020, latin artists and influences have appeared more popular than ever in the mainstream of rap and hiphop.

Another fact that speaks for Greene, who’s reportedly working on multiple projects, both Latin as well as English.

Once again, we are talking about an artist that has all aces up his sleeves. The 26-year-old’s repertoire is the counterfeit of a 2020 hitmaker and his 2017 hit doesn’t look like it’s going to stay an exception.

Let’s go viral again?

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