WritePal Global Review – Voted Top 50 Small Business Consulting Firms

<strong>WritePal Global Review – Voted Top 50 Small Business Consulting Firms</strong>

WritePal Global, voted Top 50 Small Business Consulting Firms per Clutch, is a leading one-stop shop for business plans. Clients are assigned to a small, experienced team of experts that contribute to every part of a successful business plan, from market research to accounting to graphic design.

With over 14 years of experience in business writing, WritePal guarantees quality results to help businesses get funded. WritePal Global reviews also back the company’s promise of top-notch deliverables; all five-star appraisals from 182 satisfied customers. So then, what is the process for enlisting business help from WritePal? How do the services work, and what insight do other companies contribute to a reputable WritePal review?

WritePal Global Reviews from Marketing Specialists

Positive recognition from reputable sources is perhaps even more important than a business’ client reviews. Although WritePal is run by a small team, the company makes big waves in the financial firm network. They were voted Top 3 in the top financial firm list within Vancouver as per The Manifest and Top 4 in the small business consulting firms in Texas as per Clutch. Here, WritePal reviews are just as favourable as those given by clients on the main site.

A rating submitted to Clutch online reads, “Their branding spoke to me. They seemed to understand what our needs were before we contacted them.” Indeed, WritePal Global reviews often comment on the company’s personability. The team strives to make daunting tasks such as business plan drafting more approachable, without sacrificing professionality. The client then adds more insight into their experience, revealing that their 40-page document was delivered in just under two weeks. For comparison, researching and drafting a business plan solo could take anywhere from one month to one year.

Another WritePal review from The Manifest’s Top 10 list states, “We were impressed with their ability to listen and keep our project on track.” Ensuring that numbers and descriptions remain relevant and accurate is crucial in creating a successful business plan that entices investors and loan banks alike.

What to Expect from the Order Stage

Everything you need to know is written out on WritePal’s company site, From there you can request a quote and join a simple 15-minute meeting where WritePal reviews and discusses your business idea as well as the goals you are looking to achieve. This consultation is the first step to producing a business plan and is necessary to decide what type of business plan writer you need. The recommended sections for the business plan are provided based on this information, including an executive summary, market analysis, strategy, financial projections, and anything else that may be necessary for the funding of your project.

WritePal then takes a deposit that is 50% of the project total, and from there the magic starts brewing. That doesn’t mean you’ll be left in the dark while the experts work, though—WritePal will keep consulting you throughout the writing process. To better manage time and resources, the service includes an extensive Q&A and mid-project communication to ensure you and the writers are on the same page. The writing itself, then, takes 12-14 days for most business plans, perfect for those passionate business starters who are itching to jump right in.

Finally, only after the business plan is completely to your liking do you make the second half payment. The full price of the project varies depending on the complexity of the business plan, but WritePal offers great competitive rates. Building a business is plenty costly already, and WritePal works to take some of the burden off their clients’ shoulders.

What Else Can WritePal Offer?

There are two other services offered aside from the conception and completion of business plans. For one, WritePal Global has an extensive database of investors. This funding network can help set you up with venture capitalists and banks that are eager to invest, and you only pay once the funding is secured. Private investors are high net worth individuals, often looking for equity or a degree of ownership in a company in exchange for financial backing. Without a good proposal at hand, these individuals may typically only be found among wealthy family and friends of the start-up owner. Similarly, some banks may give preference to clients with noteworthy families or those who have a good relationship with the financial institution they are looking to receive funding from. Getting approved for a loan is time consuming and stressful, but with the right bank, this process could be simplified. WritePal Global reviews all the venture capitalists and banking institutions in their database, compiling lists of potential investors that would be interested in your business specifically.

If you want venture capitalists as the forefront of your funding, WritePal can also generate high quality pitch decks. These are incredibly useful to give a concise and informative overview of your company or start-up. Pitch decks typically include vision propositions, a problem and solution, revenue models, and team layouts, all of which can be handled by the writers at WritePal Global. Since venture capitalists are investors who deal with projects or companies in which there is a considerable element of risk, they require a bit more thorough convincing. If you’re a first-time business starter, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what venture capitalists and private investors are looking for in pitches, but WritePal writers have insight of the nitty-gritty and know to tick every box.

A Summary of the WritePal Global Review

Over a decade of experience in the writing and financial aid business, a tight team of experts, and a mission to keep quality and speed going hand in hand. WritePal Global LLC’s services are a modern solution to troublesome business start-up steps, with a straightforward order system and excellent collaboration. Having offices in Vancouver, Canada and Texas, USA combines writers’ experience in different types of business plan outlines to suit different banks’ loan requirements. WritePal secured Top 4 and Top 3 best consulting/financial accounting firms in lists of 100 and 75 candidates respectively, effectively proving that their talents aren’t just baseless talk. If you are looking to start a business and need a business plan that exceeds industry standards, WritePal Global is your first step.

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