Young midfielder Mohammad Hosseini’s explanation about the Persepolis team

<strong>Young midfielder Mohammad Hosseini’s explanation about the Persepolis team</strong>

Mohammad Hosseini added in a conversation with the official website of the Persepolis club: 1 was born in March 1378. Two years ago, I started my football career with Persepolis juniors.  I was in Persepolis from the beginning.  Last year, I played in the juniors of the club and Mr.  Yousefi, the head coach of the team, chose me as the best player in his team.  This year was my first year in the youth team, and I have a contract for two more years, and I hope that after this time, Persepolis will still want me to continue my presence and that I will be able to reach the senior team one  day  Mohammad Hosseini continues: My main positions are right midfielder, attacking midfielder and defensive midfielder.  In this season, I scored four goals and gave five assists because I mostly played as a defensive midfielder.  We also have a good team, and in general, the condition of the basic teams this year is much better than previous years.  In the youth team, we try to push ourselves up in the table again, considering the heavy games of the higher teams.  A good event in this season was playing with the senior team.  Mohammad Hosseini added: After that game, one of my friends said;  Mr.  Branco liked my game, which motivated me a lot.  Of course, he said that my size is small and I should find better conditions in this regard.  For the love of Ali Karimi, I wear number 8 and I hope that one day I will be able to appear in the main and senior teams of Persepolis.  You can also follow Mohammad Hosseini’s Instagram page at: @mohammadhosseini_10_

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