Zac Sheaffer of Zamage Clothing and Giving Back To The Community

Zac Sheaffer of Zamage Clothing and Giving Back To The Community

Zamage Clothing, based in the inner city of Lancaster, PA takes a lot of pride with their store and merchandise. It’s with good reason. Zac Sheaffer began his clothing store from a 500 square foot bit of space. He was quickly able to get a deal with New Era Cap Co. and able to offer New Era MLB, NBA, NFL, & NHL Hats and soon moved to a 5,000 sq. foot space, upping the merchandise to include name brands like Rocawear, Miskeen, Enyce, Akademiks, Timberland, and Converse. Zamage weathered through the 2008 recession. Today, celebrities like DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God have shared images of them wearing Zamage’s custom made New Era hats. Zamage has grown into an institution of Lancaster. Part of that has been giving back to the community that it’s prospered in.

But Zamage Clothing takes it to the next level with it’s charity work. Zamage likes to give back directly to the community it is a part of. In response to COVID-19, Zamage has given away over 1,500 Zamage branded face masks, neck gaiter style. Zamage also recently donated to festivals helping inner city youth. Zamage also does something perhaps little of us think of: provide free outfits to recently released prison inmates.

Keeping true to the sporty and athletic merchandise of the company, Zamage has sponsored the inner-city basketball league, providing them with shirts and gift card prizes. What’s more, Zac often lets neighborhood kids into the store, and let them have some free merchandise.

Why give back at all? Perhaps first and foremost on the list, at least for Zamage, is that it is really good for your community. A business can create more and improved recreational activities, or arts groups. They can help out local schools or make the local parks more inviting. Donating to local nonprofits is powerful as well, because they can help with a whole host of topics, ranging from dance, medicine, mothers, sports, inner-city youth, and more. Zac knows that a good company is more than just a store. It’s also one that engages with the people of their community, moving beyond the customer relationship and focusing on the shared city they live in.

But it’s not just that – even though it is the most important reason. Companies who give back to their communities boost their employee morale. This is simply because it shows the employees that the company actually does care about them, their families, and the community at large. Plus, it’s actually a good marketing technique. While face masks are definitely needed, and putting the Zamage brand on them is a good way for advertising. Not to mention the sponsored teams with the Zamage brand or logo on them, opening up more visibility for the store. One last reason to give back to the community? Tax deduction.

Zamage Clothing and Zac both know that without community, there’s nowhere for a store to exist. Giving back to that community isn’t just good common-business sense, but it’s the mark of a company that cares.

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