Zartosht Rahimi – His Journey and Approaches as a Visual Artist.

Zartosht Rahimi – His Journey and Approaches as a Visual Artist.

Every art demands you to be talented, creative, and passionate about it. And turning yourself into spectacular artist is completely an easy to obtain goal one just be patient, show perseverance and take concrete to turn your imaginations into art.

Now when we talk particularly about visual art it is perceived by eyes and frequently seen in different paintings, graphics, photographs, print media, movie and other illustrations. This kind of art takes everything around you to such creative level where even an insignificant thing preaches like a great thinker. That is actually the reason why common people takes time to appreciate the work.

This form of art is life in itself, says Zartosht Rahimi. Born in Esfahan, 1989 having bachelor’s in Graphic and Master’s in Painting. He moved to Tehran from Isfahan to study at Sooreh university. Rahimi perceives the surrounding and appreciates it, he would always make an attempt to understand what lies unseen and that is how you grow into an impressive artist, says Rahimi. So every breath we take, we take it amid art.

Rahimi is currently residing and working in Iran. His personal reasons didn’t let him to travel beyond his own country land. His Patronage of the arts comes from the well established Behnoode Foundation. Through his technically skilled and chiselled artistry approaches his contribution to his field has won him approbation of the avant-garde in the visual art industry. Zartosht Rahimi’s artworks hatch multihued discourses to capture environmental elements. Rahimi’s key artistic subject of thought encompasses strong desire of freedom,search for universal dialog, conflicting bents in politics, culture and religion in Iran. His work mostly reflects his artistic vision demonstrating social and political issues, culture and art, ups and downs in his life.

Rahimi’s work has been featured in various solo exhibitions and large number of group exhibitions in Canada, Germany, France, Norway, the United States and Iran. He has wonderfully presented all the three dimensional aspects of power in one of his painting namely Tir’ras (Target). Rahimi’s collection of paintings have amazingly demonstrated the artworks that finds its roots in the early artist’s activities. Additionally, he has brought social and political pictures, arresting art into limelight by putting different tools into practice including multi-faceted narratives, historical and humorous ironies. Taking all things into consideration, Rahimi’s artworks can be enunciated in the light of the structural power that his country holds with the addition of international relations.

His of late launch of his new artwork entitled as “New Imaginary Map”, under the project of Behnoode Foundation is displayed at The Centre for Contemporary Art in Berlin, Germany.
The piece symbolises the modern world and it’s vulnerability. By painting well known political figures and famous singers, he mishmashes different facets of the world. The other elements including eagle, dragon, drones and rockets, broken statue of Buddha, the sun and moon etc gives a picture of chaos inside human minds, additionally painting himself standing still and hands raised high, he added, I want the people to think that the surprising reaction is caused by the chaos and disorder of the world leaving him questing his own identity and actions.

“I want to create a visual fantasy with bright colours and humour to create a deeper way of thinking to those who will see the art piece. When they see my painting, I want them to be critical, to spark conversation and hopefully make some meaningful action.” Said Zartosht Rahimi.
His other admirable artworks like “Birthday party” and “Carnivorous flowers”, explains appalling life scenarios as a great incentives for one to look for opportunities and aspiring to find your purpose, values, vision and claims art to be the important part of a society. Rahimi’s work approach pursues one to be a real critical thinker and behold the world through art.

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