Forecasting 2024’s Smartphone Industry Trends: AI, Extended Battery Life, and More

Forecasting 2024’s Smartphone Industry Trends: AI, Extended Battery Life, and More

Despite a decline in smartphone shipments in 2023, the industry continued to grow, paving the way for a bright future in 2024. The last year has seen a wide range of fantastic Android phones, more competition in the foldable phone space, and reasonably priced phones with flagship features. Major companies like Samsung, Apple, Google, Vivo, Transsion, and Sony are set to release cutting-edge, futuristic devices in 2024, pushing the limits of both technology and user experience even further.

Using Generative AI in Practice

The widespread use of generative artificial intelligence is one of the biggest trends anticipated for 2024. The integration of advanced AI hardware into flagship chips like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, MediaTek Dimensity 9300, and Samsung Exynos 2400 is expected to bring about new features like advanced photo editing suites and rapid text-to-image generation. It is also expected that generative AI will improve conference call translation in real time and offer transcripts of calls. Concerns exist regarding possible effects on long-term performance and battery life, despite the fact that these high-performance chips promise notable increases in multi-core CPU and GPU performance.

Enhanced Capacity of Batteries

Remarkably, a significant number of the forthcoming flagship phones that are outfitted with these cutting-edge chips have bigger batteries. This pattern shows that the industry is anticipating and resolving possible issues with battery life, which suggests that in 2024 there may be an increase in battery capacity.

Periscope Cameras’ Ascent

Periscope cameras in smartphones are also anticipated to proliferate. With reports of phones with periscope cameras up to 200MP, brands like OnePlus and Realme are expected to use this technology. Thus, it is expected that high-resolution main cameras with cropped zoom and long-range periscope lenses will become more prevalent.

Market Development for Foldable Phones

The market for foldable phones is also expected to become more competitive as more companies enter the market with cutting-edge features and designs. The market is anticipating a dynamic year as foldable phones become more widely available.

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