Jamaican Puerto-Rican Newcomer Bad Bena Drops Sizzling Fashion-Inspired Hip Hop Anthem “Versace”

Jamaican Puerto-Rican Newcomer Bad Bena Drops Sizzling Fashion-Inspired Hip Hop Anthem “Versace”

Calling all trendsetters and music lovers! London’s buzzing music scene just got hotter with the drop of “Versace,” the scorching new track from the UK-based Jamaican Puerto-Rican sensation, Bad Bena. This fashion-inspired hip-hop club anthem is set to redefine your party playlist and transport you back to the golden era of 90s fashion.

In her own words, Bad Bena spills the beans on the inspiration behind “Versace”: “Versace is one of my favorite luxury fashion brands. It’s well-respected and produces high-quality clothing. I appreciate the brand’s aesthetic. I wrote this song for dynamic women with a love of high-quality luxury fashion!” Her love for fashion shines through every lyric and beat of this infectious track, making it a must-listen for the style-savvy generation.

Bad Bena’s deep dive into the world of Versace doesn’t stop there. She’s all about that 90s nostalgia, stating, “The Versace brand as a whole has a very distinctive and eye-catching style, but my favorite era of Versace is the 90s. When supermodels became style icons! The designer and the muse. The embellishments and prints used during the 90s really stand out to me.” “Versace” takes you on a journey back in time, celebrating the iconic 90s fashion era while delivering a fresh, contemporary sound that’s impossible to resist.

But wait, there’s more! Bad Bena’s musical journey is intertwined with her experiences in the fashion industry. “I was inspired by my experiences as a whole within the fashion industry. I’ve been a runway model on a television series called Mission Catwalk, and I’ve represented Jamaica as a fashion designer for the International Showcase parallel to London Fashion Week. Also, in London, I’ve been an assistant celebrity fashion stylist and also worked with fashion brands while I studied textile design at Central Saint Martins!” With her impressive fashion credentials, she’s not just singing about fashion; she’s living it!

For Bad Bena, life is one big fashion show, and she’s the star. Her ambitions are as bold as her beats: “I look forward to building a closet in a mansion one day that looks like a fashion store. I also look forward to the relaunch of my own fashion line Abenah Adelaide as Abenah González!” This artist’s passion for fashion and music is a force to be reckoned with.

“Versace” isn’t just a song; it’s an invitation to a night of style, groove, and self-expression. With its irresistible rhythms, catchy lyrics, and a nod to the glamour of the 90s, it’s the perfect soundtrack to your next night out.

“Versace” is available now on all major streaming platforms. Get ready to dance, celebrate fashion, and embrace the ultimate club vibe with Bad Bena.

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