8 Reasons Why Women Must Wear Underwear

8 Reasons Why Women Must Wear Underwear

Underwear is more than just a garment for women. The absence of a clean pair of underwear can cause severe health risks. Moreover, it’s essential to prevent unforeseeable events from ruining your day. Commenting on the motivating factor behind her enterprise’s Panty Power Project, Vanessa Freeman, founder of 1W4A laid great importance to the following points that highlight the importance of underwear for women.

Reduced Risks Of Infection

The amount of harmful bacteria or environmental contaminants lurking in outdoor spaces and even in your homes is enough to make you never want to touch those spaces again. Most women, however, are unaware of the extent to which these germs have spread. Thus, they sit in or touch these places without giving them a second thought. While our hands can be sanitized, following the same treatment with our genitals is impossible.

Yes! Even your genitals are susceptible to the hovering bacteria. This can result in vaginal infections causing ceaseless irritation throughout the day. However, this can be prevented with underwear. Even if the germs crawl up your trousers, they will not be able to pass the barrier forged by your underwear.

Protection From Chafing

When the fabric of your bottom comes in frequent contact with your genitals or surrounding areas, it can result in chafing. This causes itchiness and irritation that takes forever to end. However, if you are wearing underwear, you do not have to worry about chafing. Underwear cloaks your genitals. This way, your garment fabric will not rub with those parts, keeping them protected and far away from rashes or chafing.

Comfortable Routines

Women have a variety of chores on their daily schedules. Some of these chores require bodily movement of some kind, depending on the intensity of the work. This results in sweating which can cause bacterial growth. The vaginal area is the most sensitive body that is prone to the attacks of these bacteria.

Moisture-wicking underwear can help keep that area sweat-free and clean. This way, you can complete all your daily tasks without worrying about bacterial ambush.

Safe Zipper Adjustment

Oftentimes when women are adjusting their zipper, their skin or pubic hair can get trapped in the edge of the zipper. The sheer pain this results in is enough to make anyone scream out in agony. Underwear can prevent such unfortunate incidents and the embarrassment that ensues afterward.

Prevents Leakages

Bladder incontinence, along with vaginal discharge and menstruation, are uncontrollable circumstances that have a habit of making it known when they arrive. Unfortunately, their way of greeting is by leaving stains and leakages on your bottoms that anyone can see.

The importance of underwear in this regard is unparalleled. It can help keep your clothes dry and unstained by serving as an invaluable absorbent. Underwears are also necessary to hold your pad in place so no stains can jump to your trousers.

Enhanced Confidence

Choosing underwear that makes you feel comfortable and empowered is the key to self-confidence. Wearing underwear that appeals to your taste and ignites powerful emotions within you can considerably improve your mood, boost your confidence, and escalate your self-esteem.

Hides The Camel Toe

For those unaware of the term, camel toe refers to the shape of the outer layer of the vulva that can be spotted through your tightly fitted bottoms. Without underwear, that shape becomes even more prominent, leading to a decline in confidence and a wave of embarrassment.

Wearing underwear, on the other hand, can create a flat surface over the vulva lips. Thus, when you wear tights or leggings, your camel toe will not make an appearance.


Unanticipated accidents can happen to anyone. The key is to be prepared so you can save yourself from the repercussions of those accidents. For instance, tripping in public spaces when wearing a skirt or dress can expose your private areas if you aren’t wearing underwear. This puts your privacy at risk making you feel insecure and vulnerable.

Underwear Rules For Vaginal Health

Choosing the right underwear is tougher than it seems. You must consider several factors before purchasing the underwear of your choice.

Pick Natural Fabrics

There are countless underwear fabric and styling options in the market. However, you must consider what your vagina needs more than what you want. Gentle fabrics such as cotton are ideal for the vulva. They allow breathability and are excellent absorbents, helping women avoid yeast infections. Fabrics such as spandex or nylon may seem attractive but actually are dens for vaginal infections.

Jump Into New Underwears Everyday

Wearing the same pair of underwear for more than two days in a row can result in discharge build-up or sweat getting trapped down there. This can make you feel uncomfortable and hence, unproductive. Thus, ensure that you jump into new underwear daily or keep changing underwear throughout the day if the discharge is frequent.

Cleanse Your Underwear With Hypoallergenic Soap

The underwear you just slipped out of, is home to innumerable invisible allergy-causing bacteria. Hypoallergenic soap gently washes out all such allergens without leaving behind any chemicals that can cause vulva irritation or itching.

1W4A: Panty Power Project

1 Woman 4 All is a non-profit women empowerment organization working in Essex, New York, and New Jersey to raise funds for underserved women and girls. Our mission is to raise awareness regarding the dire issues faced by women worldwide.

Through inventive multimedia campaigning, 1W4A has collected ample funds to aid women with career and mental health programs, maternal medicines to prevent women from dying during or after labor, and mentorship so they may not be scared to take essential steps in life.

Our recent initiative, Panty Power Program, is dedicated to bringing attention to and raising funds to supply women worldwide with underwear. Around 76% of women don’t have access to underwear. Thus, not only is their health on the line, but it also makes them feel unsafe and exposed.

In order to supply these women with this basic necessity, we have launched a crowdfunding program for like-minded women to come together and help other women step up. Join 1W4A now in our efforts to provide women with this vital tool for empowerment.

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