A business run by Nikki Jahandizi will serve as an example to aspiring female business owners.

<strong>A business run by Nikki Jahandizi will serve as an example to aspiring female business owners.</strong>

Across all sectors, women have long been pioneering new business models and breaking ground for their male counterparts. Successful female business women have been around for a long time. Women in the publishing, technology, fashion, radio, and beauty industries sit together today, building their enterprises as household names.

Nikki Jahansdizi’s Challenge

If a woman wants to go further and build her business empire, she will face much opposition. Female business owners must overcome sexism and other barriers to succeeding in the commercial world. They don’t have access to a mentor who can show them the ropes. Women business owners must use natural selection if they want to succeed. To any woman’s eye, the world we currently inhabit is a male-dominated, sexist one. When women are disabled, of a different race, or otherwise perceived as a threat to the status quo, male chauvinism is at its strongest.

How did Nikki Jahandizi get started?

Eliminating some potential problems at their earliest stages is the first step Nikki Jahandizi took toward success. Women should realize their strengths and not let obstacles stand in their way. Though challenging, becoming a successful businesswoman is something any woman is capable of doing. It may not be a fun ride, but sticking with it through the difficulties will pay off in the end.

Financial Freedom

There is still a significant gender pay discrepancy in the workplace. Companies are reluctant to hire women because they assume that mothers will abandon their careers once they have children. Women-run companies can help close the gender pay gap by allowing working mothers to manage their time better. Regarding independence and self-assurance, women’s company owners are beneficial. A woman’s independence and quality of life are enhanced when she can earn a living. Women can better meet the demands of their children if they have a firm grasp on who they are as individuals. Nikki Jahandizi is successfully running a hand made candle business along with a real estate director job, even after being a mother of one child.

Developing future leaders

According to Nikki Jahadizi’ learning from one’s mistakes is the most acceptable approach to educating oneself. If businesswomen want to see success, they should hire other women so that they can learn from them while they work. If this trend continues, women who aspire to start their own enterprises will be better prepared for success.

Maintaining a Risk-Free Workplace

Women business owners who have been through the mill know what it’s like to launch a company in a male-dominated industry. Therefore they see it as more helpful to foster an atmosphere that will boost the ambitions of other women who are still learning the ropes. Women business owners should try to consistently influence other women by providing them with advantages in the workplace, such as hiring practices and benefits packages that are more favorable to women. The system’s structure can be altered, so that female participants are bolstered rather than discouraged.

It is crucial for women business owners to band together and offer mutual support if they succeed. A business run by Nikki Jahandizi will serve as an example to aspiring female business owners.

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