A CES 2024 Innovation Designed with Human Vision in Mind is the TCL 40 NXTPAPER

A CES 2024 Innovation Designed with Human Vision in Mind is the TCL 40 NXTPAPER

TCL first presented its NXTPAPER technology at a previous Consumer Electronics Show, and at CES 2024, it unveiled NXTPAPER 3.0 along with next-generation gadgets like the TCL 40 NXTPAPER smartphone. As stated by Stefan Streit, CMO of TCL Communication, “The success of NXTPAPER is a testament to our mission to humanize technology, with a focus on developing products optimized for human eyes.” This device was recognized with the CES 2024 Innovation Award for Mobile Devices.

One of the standout features of TCL’s humanizing technology innovation at CES 2024 is its glare-free display, which also happens to be very fingerprint-resistant. The TCL NXTPAPER technology software has an integrated eye-care assistant to promote healthy device use. With the help of the memorable 20-20-20 rule—take a 20-second break every 20 minutes and concentrate on an object 20 feet away—the rest reminder promotes breaks.

Current Themes

1. Humanizing Technology: The primary goal of TCL’s CES 2024 innovation is to create products that are suited for the eyes of people.

2. Glare-free displays – A fingerprint-resistant glare-free display is available thanks to TCL’s NXTPAPER technology.

The TCL NXTPAPER technology incorporates an integrated eye-care assistant to promote the use of devices in a healthy manner.

Industry Consequences

1. Mobile Devices: The potential for human-friendly technology in the mobile device industry is demonstrated by TCL’s smartphone, which won the CES 2024 Innovation Award.

2. Display Technology: In the display technology sector, TCL’s NXTPAPER technology creates a new benchmark for glare-free screens and enhanced visibility.

3. Healthcare Technology – Opportunities for integrating eye care assistance into healthcare technology are presented by the integrated eye care assistant found in TCL’s NXTPAPER technology.

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