A peek into the life of the youngest artist of the 21st century- Louis Gleize

A peek into the life of the youngest artist of the 21st century- Louis Gleize

In the ever-rising music industry, a valuable gem named Louis Gleize is a trend in himself. He was born on 14th January 1997, in Avignon, France, and moved to Canada in his early years of life. Music was running in Louis Gleize’s vein since childhood. Soon he made up his mind to make it his carrier. His genre is instrumental hip- hop that makes him stand out from the rest of the musicians. However, right from his childhood days, he had a keen interest in rap music. He worked on his passion seriously and took it to the heights where he is today. 

At just 24 years of age, this youngster is both a famous artist and an entrepreneur. Intelligent moves with consistency at the right time and in the direction are the keys to achievement. When Louis Gleize stepped into the music industry internet was gaining popularity, and he made wise use of it. He used several platforms on social media that helped him gain fan following and quick access to people. 

His recent song ‘Self-made’ received so much love across the globe, which sprinkles the magic of enjoying a sunny day outside filled with joy and delight. The test, Lifestyle, Clap are his few other songs that gained popularity. You can find his music on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime and many other music platforms.

Besides being such an outstanding artist, Louis Gleize owns a clothing brand called ‘’Loyal Fitness’’.Loyal Fitness is a clothing brand breaking stereotypes. It provides not only quality clothes but also accessories and supplements. So if you are looking for something classy and different, then Loyal Fitness is the one-stop solution for you. Its logo displays a crown that holds a meaningful definition. ‘’The crown represents becoming king or queen achieving personal goals, and the L was chosen to encourage staying loyal to one’s quest of success.’’ Behind this clothing brand, there lies a thoughtful idea of investing a significant amount into charitable organisations. 

Louis Gleize has embarked upon his ambitious journey of fulfilling his dreams and serving society. Recently is giving all his attention to his upcoming new album. In addition, new projects are going to be involved in Loyal Fitness. Stay tuned for getting new revelations from his awaited ventures. 

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