A Philantrophic Businessman And A Humble Spirit:Julio Lama

A Philantrophic Businessman And A Humble Spirit:Julio Lama

Success is a double edged sword, people say.

No one can be fortunate enough to be both successful and family-fulfilled and still maintain a humble attitude towards life.

And statistically speaking, this is true to some extent. But there are few people worthy enough on whom these statistics don’t apply.

Meet Julio Lama, a dominican family man and philanthrophist, who is also the executive ambassador of total life changes and the founder of movimiento global 1NETE.

A religious man, who inspite of having achieved the highest pinnacle of success, being awarded as one of the top 30 network marketers in the world and being the most regarded mentor in the MLM market, still continues to be a humble soul.

Julio has a kind approach towards life and society in general. He believes in the welfare of people and in the service of god. With his association with total life changes, he strives to generate employment opportunities to people all over the world.

As a person who has achieved his life goal of financial independence, he is helping others to accomplish this too.

Wih total life changes, his purpose of public welfare is fulfilled by giving access to people all over the world to 100% natural products that have created a positive impact to over hundreds of thousands of people yet. Specializing in weightloss products that are 100% natural and Julio himself has brought about a complete weight transformation with the help of the same products.

Being a mentor in the MLM market, he also trains young businessmen and new entrepreneurs in modern business models owing to his vast experiences in the field.

Apart from that he is also a social influencer, where he features his exuisite business oriented lifestyle.

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