Abel Bekele Shared his Secret Sauce to Build the Biggest Sneaker Reselling Brand

Abel Bekele Shared his Secret Sauce to Build the Biggest Sneaker Reselling Brand

Sneakers are considered a fashion accessory. Each season brings new models which work for many people. Different designs suit different lifestyles, ensuring there will always be a sneaker to complement each look. Sneakers are also making a name for themselves as collectibles! For limited edition sneakers, just the fact that they’re only available in a single production run works to drive up their popularity and value.

There are many collectors of sneakers who view it as an investment, buying and collecting rare items with the goal of re-selling them at a higher price later on down the road. In fact, some business entrepreneurs like Abel Bekele have staked out their own niche in this growing market by purchasing contracts on rare sneakers, then reselling them to interested buyers at steep markups! His brand “Shop with Givenchy” and his sneakers shopping platform absupplyatl.com has been growing rapidly.

Abel Bekele was born and raised in Atlanta GA and it’s a city he’s proud to call his home. His connection to the area led him to influence his style and music taste heavy, including HipHop culture which inspires him with many developments in the industry even today!

Abel says, “At the time when I started selling sneakers, there weren’t any big platforms to sell sneakers besides eBay and sneaker forums. Nike Galaxies were going for $1,200 – $1,300 at the time and when I posted them for $1,500, in about 13 minutes, I had a guy offering me $1,300.”

Once he understood that his shoe reselling hobby could be profitable, he started to build up a small inventory of shoes and start investing in his now very popular brand “Shop with Givenchy”. He traveled all over the world to meet with manufacturers at trade shows and events to help him get the latest sneaker releases, that way he is never short of the newest sneakers from popular brands like Nike, Adidas, and more! His website absupplyatl.com acts as a one-stop destination for sneaker lovers in the United States.

Abel proudly says, “My clientele list has grown to a point where everyone in Atlanta will call me to get everything they need from their shoes, socks, pants (jeans/joggers), tops, and hats. Top athletes like Athletes from Deebo Samuel, Grady jarret, DeAndre Bremby, Chris Hill, Julio Jones, Allen iverson, Antony edwards are also amongst my clients.”

Abel definitely has a knack for business when it comes to the sneaker community. Is there a specific pair you have your eye on? You should get a pair of Abel’s kicks in as part of your collection! There are a variety of colors, sizes and styles available so definitely check out his website to stay updated on any new drops:  http://www.absupplyatl.com

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