Abraham Adegeye Is Inspiring His Community Through Fashion

Abraham Adegeye Is Inspiring His Community Through Fashion

The 24-year-old from Vienna has established himself amongst Europe’s most well known influencers. His passion for photography and fashion has turned into his dream life through hard work and dedication.

Do you like fashion and photography? Modelling a passion? Perhaps you might want to consider life as a fashion influencer like Abraha Adegeye, age 24, better known as Abrahamdailydosis!

For about 4 years, Abraham has been sharing professional modelling snaps with the world. His material, which is viewed by many fans on social media channels and his own personal blog, has led to work with big names. This includes being an ambassador for Nike, Timberland, Umbro, G-star, Coca- Cola, Sprite, Diesel and H&M. Abraham has also produced campaigns with About You, Fossil, Vans, Converse, and Pacsun. He enjoys the modelling gigs, it is something that he would love to do more of, including working for some higher-end fashion brands. However, he still wants to continue things on a more personal level, sharing his shoots on a dedicated blog and social media. Through these posts he allows people to see a bit into his life as well as outfit choices. And it is not just photos, Abraham also likes to upload to YouTube, something that he would like to increase his output on.

Adegeye is interested in starting a business spin off from his career choice and has been brainstorming ideas. That said he is not rushing into anything and wants to continue things as they are. He wouldn’t say no to other opportunities, for example, he would be happy to appear in more magazines. Although it is not an immediate concern for the present, he wouldn’t completely rule out a reality TV appearance although it is something he finds hard to imagine taking part in! TV, in general, is something he would consider but it would need to be a high-quality production.

It is interesting to think that just over 4 years ago Abraham was doing what he does now but only at a hobby level. Back then it was mostly for himself, but after a while, he got to a professional level with his photography and the rest, as they say, is history. It goes to show how a hobby can become a great career path, even if it began whilst he was still a school kid! Back then his sole intention was to inspire people, and even when he is looking into creating a business, this still remains his main intention. Inspiration comes before selling for Abraham. It is clear that it is important to him that he maintains a close connection with his community, the ones he seeks to inspire.

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