According to reports, Apple intends to release an OLED iPad Pro and a larger iPad Air in the spring

According to reports, Apple intends to release an OLED iPad Pro and a larger iPad Air in the spring

According to Mark Gurman, the Apple writer for Bloomberg, Apple plans to introduce two major new products in 2024: an OLED-screened iPad Pro, which was previously believed to be coming, and a larger iPad Air that will accompany the current smaller model. Furthermore, the company plans to introduce an updated MacBook Air that makes use of Apple’s recently released M3 chip, which was first seen in the revised 14-inch MacBook Pro and new iMacs.

The 12.9-inch screen on the upcoming iPad Air is expected to join the 10.9-inch model, bringing the lineup considerably closer to the 12.9- and 11-inch options on the iPad Pro. Gurman stated that the gadgets will be available in “early 2024,” without giving a precise date. He also mentioned that Apple intends to improve sales of both product lines.

Gurman says that the business is also planning to introduce an updated version of the Apple Pencil. According to him, the Pencil will be the third iteration of the company’s mainstream Pencil device, meaning it would most likely resemble the model that was introduced five years prior. The more affordable Apple Pencil with USB-C, which is incompatible with the company’s least expensive iPad, was the most recent addition to Apple’s Pencil portfolio. It is anticipated that the company will also introduce new iPad Magic Keyboards.

Gurman has previously stated that the upcoming 2024 iPad Pro will be the tablet’s first significant redesign since 2018, the year Apple unveiled the new flat-sided design language, which was eventually adopted by the 10th generation iPad last year.

The business unveiled the iPhone 15 series this year, which features softer corners and a minor update. It appears likely that the next iPads will have at least some of the same design cues as the Pro models, which feature titanium sides and narrower bezels that reduced the phones’ external dimensions rather than expanding the screens. In 2024, the business is also projected to debut the much awaited Vision Pro headset.

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