After witnessing the movie The Kerala Story, a boy ‘apologised for abusing’ a producer, according to filmmaker Sudipto Sen

Sudipto Sen, the filmmaker of The Kerala Story, alleges that a boy had previously texted the film producer an apology after viewing the movie.

The Kerala Story’s director According to Sudipto Sen, only those who haven’t seen his most recent movie are protesting against it. Speaking at a press conference on Monday, he also claimed that a boy had been sending abusive messages to the producer ever since the film’s teaser came out, and after watching the film, the boy sent an apology text.

Sudipto and movie director Vipul Shah spoke with the media during a Q&A session on Monday night to discuss The Kerala Story’s box office success, protests, and calls for a ban.

When asked about the negative feedback his team and he received following the release of the teaser, Sudipto said, “We have two testimonials, if you will see them you will laugh. One boy has been verbally harassing our co-producer nonstop for the past two months since our teaser was made public. The boy texted us yesterday after seeing our movie, saying, “I apologise to you publicly, I have no other objections.” I also received offensive SMS. So, if you guys think the plot needs more justification after seeing the movie, you guys can use those two testimonies from us and you’ll find out.

The Kerala Story, which also stars Sonia Balani, Yogita Bihani, and Siddhi Idnani, has Adah Sharma in the major role. Protests and petitions for a ban have been going around ever since the movie’s preview implied that 32000 women had vanished from Kerala and joined the terrorist organisation ISIS. The caravan no longer makes reference to the number. The movie has also sparked a political dispute, with most BJP leaders endorsing it and Congress and left-leaning figures accusing it of propagandising fake statistics and facts.


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