Age of Empires II: Definitive edition gets stable upgrades during launch week

Age of Empires II: Definitive edition gets stable upgrades during launch week

Launching a game has never been easier. Problems arise seemingly out of nowhere and challenge the development team in a continuous manner. They roll out and test the new updates keeping the game to not to be playable only but updated too. The lesser it happens, the better it is. However, it is inevitable that bugs won’t come and be fixed. Launching the definitive edition to one of the most followed strategy games released is yet again a new level of stress.

Sameis the case with the story of the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition release. The game has already released and updates have been around about the issues that not only arose but have been dealt as well. If you are a player of this game then you must be happier to know about the updates and bug fixing. It is one of the main games news that people are willing to know about. 

We will be talking about the Game update 33059. It fixes couple of games that not only hinders the game’s playability but make it completely unplayable. Following are the issues that have been resolved while the game went live on 20th November:

  • Fixed issue where several units did not produce death sounds when someone was killed
  • Fixed issue where the graphic options would appear grayed despiteof having DLC enabled and installed
  • Fixed an issue that was seen to cause a file error 12 crash preventing a successful game launch
  • Fixed a problem where the spectator lobby displayed the games that are outdated and could not be joined

There is still a lot progress in this regards. For instance, it is being asked that players keep on sending the crash reports or such occurrences to the team. The team of developers continues to fix the bugs for enhanced performance and stability of the multiplayer servers.

The improved graphics pack DLC continues to face stability and performance issues. This is because the said pack is massive and re-hauls and re-masters the already impressive graphics of the game. To fix the same, provided suggestion is to uninstall the game and if one is not using it, it is offered as an optional DLC. It is usable only when it meets the high standard of the system requirements.

All this appears to be for this specific patch only. Relic entertainment asks the players to keep on sending them the crash updates and other bug reports. It is so that they may keep tracking the issues and then fixing them. Nothing can be worse than having your game unsaved and shutting it off right as you will be marching dozens of arms in to the enemy’s base. So being a player of this game, you may keep on sending the bug reports while the development team will keep on fixing them to amuse you with better game experience. Enjoy the new version and all the updates of the game. Best of luck with this new game experience.

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