AI Features will be Available in iOS 18 for Apple iPhone users: More Information here

AI Features will be Available in iOS 18 for Apple iPhone users: More Information here

Apple intends to release iOS 18 next month, which will bring AI capabilities to iPhone users soon. AI capabilities for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Watch will be incorporated into the new operating system. This is a big step forward because on-device AI features were previously exclusive to Android users. Many on-device AI technologies that will simplify chores for iPhone users will be available with the upcoming iOS 18.

The Notification Summarization Tool, which will give an overview of all the alerts received on the iPhone, is one of the noteworthy features of iOS 18, according to Mark Gurman’s article. Furthermore, Siri, the virtual assistant, will be improved with a more conversational tone that will boost user engagement.

Furthermore, iOS 18 will provide AI-powered picture editing tools that will be comparable to the Google Pixel 8 series’ capabilities, allowing for real-time photo editing and the ability to alter photo backgrounds. Although no formal announcement has been made yet, it is reported that Apple is in talks with Google and Open AI to add on-device AI functionality, maybe include ChatGPT-40 or Gemini AI.

iOS 18 will include AI features along with major enhancements to native applications like Mail, Notes, Photos, and Fitness. It will also improve Apple Maps and add a function to the Calculator app that allows it to answer complicated mathematical problems.

As for Apple, they haven’t released a low-cost iPhone since 2022. But according to a number of sources, the Apple is developing a new low-cost iPhone. The iPhone SE 4, which is the name given to the predicted iPhone, is anticipated to launch in the first half of 2019. But before it’s official release, the reported iPhone SE 4’s pricing has been made public. Furthermore, greater specs than any of the previously released iPhone SE variants are anticipated for Apple’s future low-cost iPhone. The phone’s design and battery life will also benefit from these upgrades.

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