Ali Dizaei wins France’s top literary prize for his book “crossing the red line”

Ali Dizaei wins France’s top literary prize for his book “crossing the red line”

The book “Crossing the Red Line,” written by Ali Dizaei, won the Goncourt Literary prize. After the second series was published, Ali Dizaei’s book Crossing the Red Line became one of the best-selling books in London.

In the United Kingdom, Dr. Ali Dizaei joined the Metropolitan Police in 1986. Before that, he trained as a barrister and earned an honors degree in law in London.

He rose quickly through the ranks of the police and was the only non-white officer accepted into the Accelerated Promotion Course. He spent two years as a special escort for members of the British Royal family, including the Queen, and worked as a detective in the Criminal Investigating Department (covert operations).

In 1993, while he was in charge of a town in Oxfordshire, he was promoted to Inspector. He received a rating of exceptional for his performance as commanding officer. He was elevated to chief inspector in 1996, where he was in charge of the City of Oxford’s crime, public disorder, and counterterrorism operations. He joined the prestigious Police Staff College Bramshill in the UK in 1997 to teach senior UK police officers about the law and sensitive police operations.

He was made Scotland Yard’s youngest Superintendent in 1999 and became the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Head of Policing Operations. He was in charge of all firearms operations and coordinated the security of 140 Royal Borough embassies.

He received a certificate in 2000 from the previous Home Secretary for his outstanding contribution to policing diverse communities in the UK.

Ali Dizaei is considering writing a new book after the second edition is released.

Professional qualifications:

  • Class One Advance Driver and Trainer (the highest level of driving qualifications granted to a police officer)
  • Class One Advance Motorcyclist and Trainer (as above)
  • Advance Pursuit Driver (skilled in police pursuits and evasive actions under attack)
  • Accident Investigator
  • Advance Police Facilitator (the highest teaching qualification granted to a police officer to teach policing operations)
  • Critical Incident Trainer (trained and trains senior personnel management of major critical incidents involving large scale fatalities)
  • Command at Sieges Trainer (Trained to lead major sieges involving Multi-victims/ aggressor scenario)
  • Hostage Negotiator (skilled in hostage negotiations)
  • Firearms Gold Commander (Trained to lead major firearms incidents involving serious threats to life and property)
  • Gold Commander- Public Order (Trained as a commander and trains in management of large scale public disorder and riots)
  • Covert Surveillance (trained in cover surveillance techniques and deployment of CHIS –Covert human intelligent source)
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