Aloha! We are Kolohe Juice”

Aloha! We are Kolohe Juice”

It wasn’t long ago when founders and brothers, Justin and Jacob Smith met up with an old mixologist friend from the islands, to develop some unique cocktails. They struck gold.

Soon after they teamed up with their cousin David Monaghan (Brand Designer) and the three of them reminisced on their youth. “We laughed about how mischievous we were, getting in trouble, running wild with broken slippahs and snotty noses”. It was this part of their lives that they decided to pay tribute to with the name Kolohe Juice ( Naughty / Mischief Juice ).

“We realized just how unique the flavors of our childhood were and now was our chance to share them and the Aloha that raised us, with the world”

With six flavors: Coconut Mai Tai, Tropical Breeze, Spicy Lilikoi Mule, Hawaiian Sunrise, Strawberry Li-hing Margarita and the Sweet Guava Margarita, they give you paradise in a bottle. 

To find out more about their drinks or to order some for yourself, go to their website, www.kolohejuice.com

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