Amazon will spend $100 million advertising on Twitter again

Amazon will spend $100 million advertising on Twitter again


According to a report published on Saturday, Amazon intends to spend $100 million annually on Twitter advertising in the near future.

Following the acquisition of Twitter by billionaire Elon Musk, many businesses pulled advertising from the platform. According to the tech publication Platformer, many of the businesses have returned in the weeks since the chaotic purchase, and Amazon intends to join them once certain security measures are met.

Zoe Schiffer, a Platform editor, wrote that Amazon is “planning to resume advertising on Twitter at about $100m a year pending some security tweaks to the company’s ads platform, per a source familiar with the situation,” according to a source who is familiar with the situation.

He now asserts that Apple is Twitter’s most significant advertiser. When Musk asserted that Apple threatened to withhold ad spending and remove Twitter from its app store, his relationship with the company appeared to be in trouble.

In the end, Musk worked out things with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the company’s headquarters in California. Cook informed Musk that pulling Twitter out of the app store was never a possibility.

The day before Cook flew to Washington, D.C., to meet with a number of Republican lawmakers who will soon take control of the House of Representatives, he met with Musk.
Ohio’s Rep. Jim Jordan was one of them. He and other members of his party have said that the new Congress will pay more attention to big tech companies, especially social media platforms.

Jordan and 34 other House Republicans sent a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg last month informing him of upcoming inquiries into Facebook’s handling of information that could have hurt President Biden’s 2020 campaign, particularly Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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