Amir Hossein Kianpour, a prominent musician in Iranian music these days, talks about himself.

Amir Hossein Kianpour, a prominent musician in Iranian music these days, talks about himself.

I have been in the professional music market for more than ten years, and because I did not have an academic education in music and I did not have a professor in this field, I went through a difficult path, especially since entering the music market. It requires not only skills but also relationships and support.

Like today, we see many people who do not have special skills, without receiving a salary and only with a relationship, appear in pop scenes and create a beautiful showcase for their work.

Well, unfortunately, there were no special conditions and support for me, and it all started with uploading my works in cyberspace, and my daily pursuit of making music and progressing in music made me see great people and masters.

And that made me get good job offers. Of course, I suffered a lot and in the meantime I saw a lot of unkindness, but I continued and today I am in a situation where I have thousands of projects in my resume. Also having thousands of successful live performances with the country’s top singers.

I had to work 10 times more than others because there was no one in Iran to teach my favorite instruments and I did not have a special sponsor, but I researched and studied every day and did a lot of rehearsals in person every day.

My main specialty is native wind instruments, on which I did a lot of research and corresponded a lot about these instruments with people around the world until I was able to design the first textbooks and the first production line. I have a strong workshop and brand in the field of instrument making and I have a strong training team consisting of senior students and my dear colleagues.

In addition to playing and researching these instruments, I also compose. I also do arranging and singing

And I enjoy working in the music world

I always tried to communicate well with everyone and respect everyone because in the art markets after the skill

 Ethics seem to take precedence

But it is observed that due to the competitive environment in Iran, most of the musician friends may not have good relations with each other.

Contrary to popular belief, my job as a musician is full of joy and happiness, in my main job as a musician in stage performances, I face many challenges and problems! Including obtaining various licenses and the possibility of revoking these licenses at any time, even hours before implementation.

Up to problems such as flight cancellations and travel problems. Imagine for a second you were a musician.

And you should always be on the road or in the theater and there is very little opportunity to eat and relax

But the presence of teammates and having good music makes this difficulty bearable

I made many friends along the way and I am very happy about it, even the people I was a fan of and they are like a brother to me today. Like my dear friend Mohsen Chavoshi, whom I have always loved and who is like my brother, I never thought as a teenager. , One day Chavoshi will be like my older brother ..

Or people like pop star Ali Yassini, who from the day I saw him closely until today, we have gone through hundreds of performances and we are together like a brother.

And these events are really pleasant for me

Given the recent situation in the Iranian music market, I think the number of pop singers will soon exceed the number of musicians, and because of the magic of modern technology in the field of music production, everyone sees that without any special experience and training. They can be famous singers and some brokers and marketers introduce the same people to the society in the form of artists with different lobbies.

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