“Angie Amaya” Promotes Her New Track “I Love It”

“Angie Amaya” Promotes Her New Track “I Love It”

This single has thousands of views on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of views on Spotify.

The Colombian singer “Angie Amaya” is celebrating her best moment in music as she is seeing one of her biggest dreams materialize by doing something she really wanted since she was a child.

Art is in her blood, her music says it all, a talented young woman, who is giving everything to achieve her dream in urban music, has several songs on the streets and all are well accepted by her fans.

“I dream that the people who listen to my music can change their lives for the better, so that they have the maturity to be able to resist any adversity that life throws at them and that in this way they can feel identified with the music I make.
Expressed the Colombian singer “Angie Amaya”

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