Are You Deficiency in Vitamin D?

Are You Deficiency in Vitamin D?

Human bodies require vitamin D, particularly for healthy bones, but in the winter months, many individuals don’t get enough of the so-called “sunshine vitamin.”

Wintertime usually brings with it less sunlight. People are wearing more layers this time of year as well, which results in reduced sun exposure,” explained Matthew Goldman, MD, a family medicine physician with Cleveland Clinic Florida.

Dr. Goldman noted that while it may be difficult to go outside in the winter, consuming foods high in vitamin D, such as salmon or mushrooms, can be beneficial.
However, this may not be sufficient for everyone, and signs of a deficit may include weakening in the muscles, weariness, and bone discomfort.

Ultimately, a lot of people are unaware that they aren’t getting enough vitamin D.

Because of this, Dr. Goldman suggests that you discuss testing options with your doctor, particularly if you’re more susceptible to a deficit than others, such as young children or people over 65.

A vitamin D shortage may also raise your risk of bone problems in the future, in addition to memory impairment.

“A vitamin D deficiency can lead to a higher risk of an array of issues including osteoporosis, which can increase your chances of bone fractures and breaks,” he said.

Your primary care physician can assist you in evaluating your risk and determining whether you require a vitamin D supplement, says Dr. Goldman.

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