Artin Shahvaran, an emerging pop singer and exemplary entrepreneur

<strong>Artin Shahvaran, an emerging pop singer and exemplary entrepreneur</strong>

Artin Shahvaran has won the hearts of millions with his single “maryam”. In addition to being a successful singer, He is a unique entrepreneur and has created jobs for young and highly talented artists.  

He has become a well-known name due to his musical talent, excellent personality and oriental style and has received worldwide attention. “Lie” was his last single track, Which introduced the talented singer as a true emerging artist. He is best known for his album “mask” and the single track’s “maryam”, “lie”, “delkhooshi”, “pani” and several other singles. He loves music, but says what makes him happiest is that he has been able to create jobs for hundreds of artists. he says entrepreneurship makes him feel good. it is very interesting for him to work with artists from different fields of art.

Artin Shahvaran is a great composer and has composed the soundtrack for several international films. He has composed the soundtracks for the finnish documentary “marzieh my friend” and the telefilms “bitter chocolate” and “night of doubt”. His concert tour will soon begin in the united states and europe

He is a kind entrepreneur and a talented artist. We wish him increasing success in all future projects.

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