Astounding the world with her incredible talents as a dancer, model and performer, make way for Natalie De Ferrari

Astounding the world with her incredible talents as a dancer, model and performer, make way for Natalie De Ferrari

As the founder and director of Bossa Nova Entertainment, with an outstanding band and team of dancers, she has upped the game in the world of entertainment.

A lot has already been spoken about the many talents and abilities that women holds when it comes to different industries of the world. Many performers and artists alike have spoken a lot about how they have paved their own path to growth and success in their chosen industries, even after facing many obstacles and hurdles on their journey. Yet, through passion and determination do they make their dreams come true. Among these truly talented beings, we saw how Natalie De Ferrari kept rising up and above with her versatile talents as a dancer, model and performer in the international entertainment field.

This powerhouse of a women stands tall and unique as a performer in the field, for she has never ceased to amaze people with her innate skills and talents as a dancer, actor, model, performer and also the founder and director of her one-of-a-kind live band named Bossa Nova Entertainment (@bossanova_entertainment). The New York City born international artist comes from a family of artists and, from the age of 10, started to immerse herself in the world of performing.

She has been a part of numerous music videos showcasing her acting prowess and has also modeled for NYFW. Her mastery in Samba, specifically her signature dance style in Samba-Jazz, has turned heads from all over. In addition, she has performed and embodied a variety of different styles such as Bossa Nova, Samba De Gafieira, Belly Dance, Forró, Lambada, Axe, Boi-Bumba (Amazonian), and Folk dances.

Natalie De Ferrari has performed at various renowned venues in her career like The Jacob Javitz Center, The International Travel Show, United Nations, The Jazz Forum, Minton’s Playhouse, Time Out Market, Drom, Congress of the Latin Press, 5th Avenue, Embratur (Brazil’s ministry of tourism), S.O.B’s, Brazil Summerfest, Oheka Castle, The Bitter End, L’ermitage Paris, Paris Blues, Club Bonafide, Dimenna Center for classical music, Stage 48, B.B King Blues, NYC Mayor’s office of immigration affairs, Fete Music Hall, Nublu, Melrose Ballroom, High Line ballroom and opening concerts for Luan Santana, Diogo Nogueira, Marcelo D2, Emelia Pedersen, Emily Ray, Ronela, and Robert Berisha.

She (@nataliedeferrariofficial) has even participated in many pageants like Miss New York and has won the Miss Brazil America pageant. The Political Science honors graduate has also worked for the Youth for Human Rights International and participated at the United Nations various times, giving speeches. She has even travelled to Mexico for the Youth for Human Rights Latin America Congress.

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