Astrocast’s low-cost, bidirectional satellite IoT solution is now available commercially

Astrocast’s low-cost, bidirectional satellite IoT solution is now available commercially

End to end solutions company Astrocast has announced the commercial availability of its cost-effective, bidirectional satellite IoT (SatIoT) service, which will link IoT devices globally at a comparable cost while they are outside of cell-based terrestrial networks.

Device size, power consumption, and reliability are top considerations in any distant IoT deployment, according to the company, and bidirectional IoT has a vital role to play in a practical IoT system. The capacity to send orders back to assets rather than just receiving data is quite powerful and opens up a slew of new possibilities, including remote equipment control.

Astrocast offers affordable connectivity for all and supports applications in asset tracking, telemetry, and telematics. In addition, it fosters innovation across sectors such as maritime, agriculture & livestock, environment & utilities, land, transport, freight & storage, mining, and oil & gas, using its own recently launched nanosatellite constellation in Low Earth Orbit. By default, IoT solutions are deployed in remote places, ranging from mines to agriculture, ships to oil rigs. Wherever feasible, Astrocast’s technology reduces the requirement for human intervention and maintenance, preserving the business case.

Astrocast has expanded its services through collaborations and funding. Recently, the Swiss company partnered with Singapore-based IoT service provider Unabiz. Through the partnership, Astrocast will be able to combine its connection technology with UnaBiz’s expertise in IoT sensors and data platform services. One Creation based in Switzerland and Rajat Khare’s Boundary Holding invested in the company in the past year, which has been used to expand and improve the company.

Access to SatIoT, according to Astrocast, may revolutionise the global IoT business paradigm, allowing a slew of new, powerful applications to speed change and bring concrete benefits to businesses, individuals, and the environment. Astrocast’s SatIoT devices have minimal power consumption and a battery life of up to ten years, which it claims will be critical as businesses implement a strategic SatIoT effort. The longevity of an IoT solution may be greatly improved by combining good-quality battery technology with an efficient approach to data transfer.

“There is now an opportunity to use satellite IoT to increase visibility, transparency, and control over assets globally – and the potential for use cases across an array of sectors is almost limitless. What is more, in the past, these solutions have been too complex, costly, or simply unavailable.” said Fabien Jordan, CEO of Astrocast.

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