At a musical event in Chembur, a Shiv Sena member assaulted Sonu Nigam and his colleagues

At a music event in Mumbai’s Chembur neighbourhood, Shiv Sena member manhandled Bollywood musician Sonu Nigam and his entourage. A local Legislator who is thought to be a member of Uddhav Thackeray’s Shiv Sena party misbehaved with Nigam’s manager Saira while the singer was performing at the festival. They ended up coming on stage because the MLA’s son wanted to take a photo with Sonu. After telling Sonu’s manager to leave the stage, the man ended up pushing Sonu as he descended the steps to the backstage area.

Sonu’s bodyguard served as a physical barrier between the attacker and the singer, witnesses told ETimes. When the man pushed the bodyguard, he was pushed over the stairs and onto the ground below. The hostile man then attempted to seize Sonu. Once more, Sonu’s friend and singer Rabbani Khan attempted to stop the attacker in order to save Sonu. It was then, that the aggressor pushed Rabbani and he too fell seven feet off the stairs and onto the ground below. Luckily, Sonu didn’t sustain any injury, but the two men who tried to save him may have been injured.

Before this article was published, Sonu had already driven Rabbani Khan and his bodyguard to the hospital. To find out if they had fractures, the two men were receiving an X-Ray. When contacted by ETimes, Sonu acknowledged the news but was unable to comment further.


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