AWS For Media & Entertainment Announces The Launch Of A New Monetization Solution Area At IBC 2023

AWS For Media & Entertainment Announces The Launch Of A New Monetization Solution Area At IBC 2023

A new monetization-focused solution area called AWS for Media & Entertainment (AWS for M&E) is being introduced by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS monetization solutions for M&E enable customers to simplify and modernize their advertising, licensing, subscription, and marketing technology strategies, increase revenue across viewing platforms, and develop deeper, more individualized relationships with audiences through a combination of purpose-built AWS services and Partner offerings.

For the first time ever, US adults spent more time in 2022 watching digital video than linear television, according to an Insider Intelligence Report 2023. Despite this change, the majority of media companies still derive the majority of their revenue from linear advertising sales (ad sales), as they have not yet fully realized the monetization potential of a viewing population that is becoming more connected. Media organizations are attempting to update and streamline their ad sales systems in order to enable unified buying, fulfillment, and measurement across their linear and digital properties in order to align revenue with viewing. In order to maximize yield across direct and programmatic sales and guarantee that campaigns are optimally delivered across platforms, these businesses are reinventing their business models and utilizing data.

For media organizations and the consumers of their brand names, data has also emerged as a crucial commodity for influencing advertising and marketing choices and boosting profitability. In order to establish a 360-degree perspective of the customer experience, many companies are aiming to reinvent their customer data systems to make use of first- and third-party data as well as to upgrade their identity solutions and clean rooms.

In the era of convergent video, AWS for M&E monetization solutions meet the most important concerns for media organizations. Converged TV advertising tools and solutions are being made possible by AWS. These tools and solutions aid in the unification of linear and digital advertising technology platforms and simplify cross-platform processes including buying, fulfillment, and measurement. Multi-platform campaign planning and sales automation, data-driven optimization, system interoperability, shoppable content, virtual product placement, and the swift integration of new monetization goods are some of these solutions. AWS is assisting content distributors and publishers in adapting and integrating these data sets into their advertising ecosystems to address the demand to consolidate audience measurement data across diverse siloed sources.

In the monetization solution sector, there are tools for customer 360 and data interoperability that can assist media organizations in enabling privacy-compliant first-party data collaboration, increasing customer lifetime value, and delivering predictive analytics to reduce audience churn. The most recent generative AI technologies are now available to AWS users for use cases including hyper-personalization, audience segmentation, and ad creative production. Media firms may deliver the appropriate message to the right audience at the right time using a variety of solutions. National TV networks, local broadcasters, regional and national sports networks, streaming services, measurement firms, and data providers are all included in this list of tools and solutions.

According to Marc Aldrich, General Manager for Media & Entertainment at AWS, “Today’s M&E companies face a highly complex and competitive landscape, which is only made more complicated by fragmented tools for data management and monetization.” “Putting this much emphasis on monetization offers truly all-encompassing solutions that give our customers the chance to optimize their data, advertising, and subscription revenue strategies holistically.”

An extensive network of Partners offers industry-recognized technology solutions for AWS for M&E monetization solutions, assisting clients in driving innovation and change. AWS Partners like ActioniQ, Castlabs, Comscore, Databricks, Datazoom, HighTouch, Innovid, iSpot, SpringServe, ThinkAnalytics, and Triplelift are among those that fall under this category.

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